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Urban Decay is on Sale!

Urban Decay is having a pretty nice sale right now! I had the impression that they were going to discontinue all of their lipsticks when I didn’t see them at Sephora recently. I was right! They’re probably reformulating them or something. This sale was the motivation I needed to pick up lipsticks in Midnight Cowboy and Confession, and a vintage Minx eyeshadow. I also grabbed Kush (a green eyeshadow).

In the lipstick shades that are left, I own Gash and Oil Slick. Oil Slick is a great one for layering.

In the vintage eyeshadows I recommend:
Half-baked, Eldorado, Free Love, Midnight Cowgirl, Cherry, Sellout and Twice-Baked. I’m sure Minx will be great, too.

There are also several palettes on sale, too!

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    • beautybabbling

      I took advantage of the sale too. I picked up several vintage eye shadows. I was tempted by Gash lipstick because the color looks gorgeous, but I’d never wear it. I would have picked up the holiday nail polish set too, but it nullifies free shipping. It looks like all the Pocket Rocket glosses are going away. I hope they are just reformulating because I love those.

    • Dlori

      I’m a big fan of Urban Decay and am very appreciative that you posted about this sale. If you had not, I might have missed it. Thank you for all the wonderful swatches of new products and for keeping us abreast of all the new beauty products on the market.Dlorikleimanlaw at aol dot com

    • Oleander

      Oh this is awesome! I’ve got to grab some of the lipsticks… and maybe a shadow or two.. oh dear. And minx IS great! It’s one of their more highly pigmented shadows from the older (vintage) line.

    • BreAnnNicole

      Oh wow! I so wish I hadn’t seen this because my husband is gonna kill me! I did not need to know that the Skull Shadow box was on sale for so cheap!!!!

    • NoorInNJ

      Thanks so much for posting this sale. I really hope that they’re redesigning the packaging of the lipstick. I never liked that little sword-thing sticking out of the back of the tube. But hey, at $8, why should I complain? ;) 

    • mustbinsane

      I’m going to be disciplined. I’m going to wait until my next paycheck, then see what eyeshadows they still have left. Really. I will…so much pretty!

    • BooBooNinja

      Thanks for the heads up. I’m not getting anything as I’m working on reducing my stash, but I was wondering when UD was going to put their “vintage” e/s on sale. I had expected Sephora to do the same; perhaps UD asked Sephora to send back their old stock.

    • the1pony

      I am crushed that they did this *right* when I ran out of spending money. *flail* I doubt anything will be left by the time next payday comes. Argh.