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WhimsyBeading Surprise 35% Off Sale

The SURPRIZE coupon for 35% off has been turned on and will stay on until 10 pm EST. for Whimsybeading.


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    Phyrra is an award-winning cruelty-free beauty blogger. She is hair obsessed, into alternative fashion, an avid urban fantasy reader, and a standard poodle fan.
    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi M

      Noooo, I missed it! Thank you for always posting sales and stuff though!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        Jessi M aww, you’re welcome! I’m sure there will be another sale soon.

        • Whimsical Kelly

          Phyrra SURPRIZE! I’ve turned the coupon code back on until 7 pm EST tonight.