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Meow Holiday 2012 Midnight Clear Collection Swatches and Review

Happy Friday! Today I’ve got the new Meow Holiday 2012 Midnight Clear Collection for you.

Meow Midnight Clear Collection

Meow Holiday 2012 Midnight Clear Collection Swatches & Review

Classic Christmas elegance in 10 sultry shades that will take you around the Christmas Tree, and back again. Satiny, very softly pearlized and iridescent, in 10 rich complex shades perfect for the holidays!

Meow Peaceful Wings and Golden Hours Swatches

Peaceful Wings
buttery sand gold
My Take
creamy white with gold glimmers

Golden Hours
soft metallic brushed gold
My Take
pale metallic gold, reminds me of butter LONDON the Full Monty

Meow Cloven Skies and Ancient Splendor Swatches

Cloven Skies
warm bronzed russet with copper
My Take
coppery-bronze with bronze sheen

Ancient Splendor
iridescent taupe with copper highlights
My Take
smoky grey base with copper glimmers

Meow Time Foretold and Glorious Song Swatches

Time Foregold
light aqua teeming with bronze iridescence
My Take
aqua with gold and bronze iridescence

Glorious Song
golden deep green with a bronze sheen
My Take
mossy green with bronze iridescence

Meow Song of Old and Stormy Night

Song of Old
satiny, aged vintage green
My Take
silvery green

Stormy Night
snowy, platinum metallic grey
My Take
platinum with silvery white sheen

Meow Midnight Clear and Solemn Stillness Swatch

Solemn Stillness
deep eggplant purple with copper iridescence
My Take
Smoky blue with purple undertones and copper iridescence

Midnight Clear
inky indigo blue with silver metal satin sheen
My Take
Ink blue with silver iridescence

Meow Solemn Stillness and Midnight Clear

Both Solemn Stillness and Ancient Splendor have a smoky semi-sheer quality that can be built up.

Meow Cosmetics Holiday 2012 Midnight Clear Swatches and Review

$8 for full size, $1 for sample

I really like all the bronzey tones. My favorites are Time Foretold, Golden Hours, Ancient Splendor, Cloven Skies, and Solemn Stillness.

Meow Cloven Skies

This look has Meow Cloven Skies, Ancient Splendor, Peaceful Wings and Roasted.

What do you think of the Meow Midnight Clear Collection? What are your favorite shades?

Some products purchased by me. Some products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • EuterpesDelight

      Nice! I bought Ancient Splendour sight unseen because there weren’t any swatches yet while I was making my Cyber Monday order and while it’s not what I expected from the product shot, it is purty. Hurray!

      • EuterpesDelight

        Oops, Splendor. American spelling.

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        EuterpesDelight I used it along my lower lash line in the look above (you can see the tutorial at FutureDerm) and I think it’s a really cool color :) I hope you like it!

        • EuterpesDelight

          Phyrra I’ll check that out :>

    • misfitgirlie

      I think this collection looks so peaceful all together! I think my favorite is Song of Old, although I love how Peaceful Wings and Cloven Sky work together in your look.

    • http://www.tikibarbie.blogspot.com/ TikiBarbie

      These are all so pretty!

    • brighteststarofall

      Thanks for these swatches! I was wondering about this collection. Time Foretold is definitely my favorite!

    • thecakepie

      Time foretold is so pretty! Best one for me, and none of the others stood out as much (maybe it’s because I don’t have enough blue eyeshadows, lol)

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