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Meow’s Black Friday Discounts, New Collection & Xmas Shoppe are Here!

Meow has released their Black Friday discounts now! They’ve also got a new collection called Midnight Clear, and their Xmas Shoppe is open.

Meow  Black Friday Sale

Meow Midnight Clear

Song of Old – satiny, aged vintage green
Cloven Skies – warm bronzed russet with copper iridescence and a soft metallic  finish (more metallic than sparkly)
Midnight Clear – inky indigo blue with silver metal satin sheen
Stormy Night – snowy, platinum metallic grey
Peaceful Wings – buttery sand gold
Time Foretold – light aqua teeming with bronze iridescence
Glorious Song – golden deep  green with a bronze sheen
Ancient Splendor – iridescent taupe with copper highlights
Solemn Stillness – deep eggplant purple with copper iridescence
Golden Hours – soft metallic brushed gold

I’m looking forward to these colors! I love the sound of them, with all the bronze and golds!

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    • http://www.cinseven13.blogspot.com/ cinseven13

      The Midnight Clear collection looks great, and I can’t wait to see what’s behind the “Do Not Open til Dec 1″ box!

    • http://forthefading.net/ Avalona

      Just did my order! The Midnight Clear collection looks gorgeous!

    • kissmysparkle

      I really love Meow’s eyeshadows, and well, I couldn’t help it… I may have just ordered 35 samples, including  Cloven Skies, Glorious Song, Ancient Splendor, and Solemn Stillness from this Xmas collection.