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Tidbits – Holiday Decorations

So I have to say, it has bugged me that I started to see Christmas decorations in stores in September! That’s way too early for me. I feel very strongly that Halloween comes first, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. So when you start having Christmas decorations in the store at the same time as Halloween costumes, I feel like something is very wrong. I know some people love Christmas decorations, and I know it doesn’t help that I live in Florida, but it disturbs me to see people putting their Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving, or worse, before Halloween!

Thanksgiving Gourds

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In my family (keep in mind I grew up in the Midwest), we had traditions of not putting our Christmas tree up until the day after Thanksgiving. We took our tree down on New Year’s Day. While I don’t necessarily feel that one must strictly adhere to those dates, I’m sure you can see why it freaks me out to start seeing Christmas in September!

Snowman and Christmas Tree (Image Credit)

I think for me, I just can’t imagine putting a Christmas Tree up until after Halloween, preferrably closer to Thanksgiving. And I’d really prefer to not see Christmas in stores until after Halloween.

When do you put up your Christmas decorations? How long do you keep them up? When do you like to take them down?

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    • Icequeen81ma

      It is just business the want to sell , I  do also agree that they start too soon, you haven enjoy one holiday when they are starting with another one

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        Icequeen81ma I know that companies need to think about their bottom line, I just want time to enjoy the different seasons / holidays etc.

        • Icequeen81ma

          Phyrra Icequeen81ma  Indeed, I agree I want to enjoy also every season.

    • MWGirlieGirl

      My birthday is in mid-December, so the rule at our house was always that the Christmas tree didn’t go up until after my birthday. I’m a little more relaxed about it now, but it doesn’t feel right to do anything until after Thanksgiving. Also, I’m lazy and don’t get around to it until then, anyway.

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        MWGirlieGirl I can totally relate!

    • http://www.tikibarbie.blogspot.com/ TikiBarbie

      I really don’t like Christmas decorations before December 1.  My birthday is November 26, so it kinda drives me nuts to see them up in November.  Just celebrate each holiday as it comes, don’t rush it!

    • lov2read68

      I’m with you Phyrra – Christmas decorations shouldn’t come out/go up until after Thanksgiving at the earliest! And if we don’t get around to it until early Dec. that’s ok too. That’s one of the things I really like about Nordstrom – they don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I hope they don’t change. I dislike that stores are opening earlier & earlier on Black Friday. I’ve read that some stores are going to be open ON Thanksgiving this year. 
      If retailers weren’t shoving holidays down our throats so early we might be inclined to buy more. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t like the theme that my loved ones may be missing out if I’m not purchasing the latest & greatest for them right this minute. I want to enjoy the season not rush through it early.

    • thecakepie

      My family doesn’t do Christmas anymore, but we did it a few times (I also grew up in the US). When we were kids though they seemed to put the deco up about a week before Christmas, and take everything down whenever they got to it. We were the hilarious family with Christmas lights in February.

    • UneLuneBleue

      I started seeing Christmas decorations popping up in stores in August. Seriously?! To me, it kind of takes some of the specialness out of the season when the decorations are around for more than a quarter of the year.
      I love Halloween, so I won’t even look at the Christmas decorations until after the 31st. I also refuse to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest. I’m not so particular about when I’ll take my decorations down though, that’s more of a ‘When I get around to it’ thing, lol. The only time I’m in any kind of rush is when I have a live tree, because let’s face it, that’s just kindling at some point ;-)

    • kittylitter1

      Growing up, we always put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and took it down New Year’s Day. Seeing decorations in the stores before Halloween was unreal. Are they going to be for sale on Fourth of July next???