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Too Faced Giveaway!

I’ve partnered with Too Faced Cosmetics again to give away an amazing beauty package. Too Faced recently celebrated 100,000 likes on Facebook (how cool is that!) To mark the occasion, they have given me the following products to give away to one lucky winner (a $209 value!)

  • Cat Eye Kit ($12)
  • Primed & Poreless Pure Face Primer ($30)
  • Sweet Pea Lip & Cheek crème ($21)
  • Prim & Poppy Lip & Cheek crème ($21)
  • Candlelight Highlighter ($27)
  • 3 Way Lash Lining Tool ($22)
  • Glamour to Go Spun Sugar Set ($22, though Too Faced’s website says the value is $98 & Sephora’s site says $133)
  • Shadow Insurance ($18)
  • Midnight Mist Exotic Color Eyeshadow ($18)
  • Copper Peony Exotic Color Eyeshadow ($18)

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Open Worldwide. By entering, you agree to the official rules. Ends 11/22/12 at 12:01 am EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • From our partners
    • Icequeen81ma

      Thah whole package looks amazing. I just love it

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        Icequeen81ma Yay! i’m glad to hear it

    • UntypicallyJia

      The Rafflecopter says that the contest hasn’t started yet. OMG When?! I’d love to win this!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        UntypicallyJia It starts at midnight EST, so in less than 3 hours.

        • UntypicallyJia


        • UntypicallyJia


    • JasminePerez

      my fav item from toofaced would have to be the eyeshadow in teddy

    • ErinMacMahon

      Shadow Insurance!

    • littlemagpie

      Shadow insurance and the old duos!!

    • MaddAboutBeauty

      ummm my fave would be the primed and poreless primer =)

    • jiawenwu

      Too faced shadow insurance

    • MinaHolliday

      Their shadow insurance is the best!!

    • LifeOfBun

      Definitely curious about the Prim & Poppy lip & cheek crème!

    • PeaceLoveGlittr

      Primed and Poreless primer.  Loving they new lippies!

      • PeaceLoveGlittr

        their* doh

    • sandym204

      I love the shadow insurance.

    • Makeupfancy

      Wow that’s a lotta goodies! I only have one Too Faced product that I can think of.. it’s a trial size Candlelight primer lol. I really like it though! I want to try the original primer as well :D

    • Robotobun

      Too Faced Shadow Insurance is my best friend!

    • Sweetbsting

      I don’t have any Too Faced!! I really want to try the Primed and Poreless, I hate my pores :( Thanks for the giveaway :)

    • stellarskyes

      Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet… But I would definitely love to try out the spun sugar set and the shadow insurance :D

    • tracir619

      Very Nice Giveaway! Thank you! Love Too Faced!!!

    • Legnalos

      The primer :)

    • Zoeydahling

      I have never tried Too Faced before, but have heard  such good things about it. That’s why I’m so excited for the giveaway!

    • NehaMishra

      Ive never used their products before but i’d love to try out the Pure Face Primer…

    • http://thescienceofchic.com/ Carly M

      I need Copper Peony in my life!

    • HudaSparklingSparkle

      I’d like candlelight highlighter and insurance primer

    • st_jimmie_

      My favorite Too Faced product has got to be either the Naked Eye or Matte Eye palette. Super pigmented and blend beautifully.

    • HudaSparklingSparkle

      I dont have access to istegram and Youtube as it is Ban in our territory so not filling in that but the rest are done Hope to win:)

    • be_ram0s

      My favorite Too Faced product at the moment is the LashGasm mascara :)

    • Concertchick

      The Naked Eye palette!  :)

    • RobinE

      I’m a make-up newbie, so the only Too Faced product I own (so far!) is the Shadow Insurance. It is awesome!

    • Henna V

      Only Too Faced product I have is their Smokey eye palette and I love it!

    • jadangel2001

      This is a GREAT giveaway, and would give me a chance to try TFSI at last!

    • BooBooNinja

      I’ve only recently acquired TFSI, my first Too Faced Product. I’m waiting until I finish my other eye primer before opening *your* favourite primer. I hope that it’ll also be my fave!

    • natalia blog

      Great giveaway! thanks so much, my favourite too faced product are two: eyeshadow insurance and Pink Leopard bronzer

    • sparkles41

      Oh my god! this is the most amazing giveaway! thank you so much for this! Good luck everyone. Hope I win :)

    • ricci_nata

      Thank you for giveway! I love shadow!

    • Bailey Locke

      Love this!!!!

    • http://untypicallyjia.com/ UntypicallyJia

      I don’t have any of their products . . . yet. I really want to try their face primer.

    • Abs

      I have Shadow Insurance in a sample size and I love it! Want to try more of their products. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • KatieLouiseHopkins

      I’ve never tried any Too Faced, but i’ve heard great things! Especially about the highlighter! x

    • Lisa Brown

      I love the Shadow Insurance Primer

    • mothermicky

      I like Too Faced Shadows. They are so smooth.

    • Icequeen81ma

      where can you see your user name of bloglovin?

    • Icequeen81ma

      I havent use any product yet of the collection, But really want to do so
      Btw where can I see what is my Bloglovin user name? I don’t recall writing one  or what is my link dunno.

    • beautybabbling

      My favorite product has to be TFSI.

    • kvieweg07

      The Amazing Face Foundation is my favorite!

    • hazakaza

      I am SUPER interested in that 3-way lining tool!

      • hazakaza

        Oh yeah, and naturally my favorite Too Faced produce is their Shadow Insurance, which I bought and fell in love with based on your glowing recommendation, Phyrra!

    • Jess Bee

      My favorite too face product has got to be hands down the romantic eye palette

    • blushingnoir

      Thank you for the giveaway!  I’m dying to check out the liner tool!

    • http://saucyfbaby.tumblr.com/ saucyfbaby

      ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I’ve never tried Too Faced before, but I’m really interested in trying out their Lip & Cheek Cremes. :)
      — Nicole O.

    • Ginni_007

      haven’t tried anything form too faced yet :(

    • marymiles123

      I love Too Faced eyeshadows.  Very layerable.

    • AndreaTrenary

      Their eyeshadows I have I adore.

    • http://logicalharmony.net logicalharmony

      I really love their primers and lipsticks! The primers are all vegan (at this time anyway) and are amazing! I also LOVE their lipsticks!

    • abundanceerica

      I’ve never tried Too Faced products! :( I’ve heard good things about the Shadow Insurance though!

    • ciracira

      I love Too Faced Shadow Insurance! <3

    • the1pony

      I don’t yet have a favorite Too Faced product, because I have not had the opportunity to try any of their goodies. I hope to change that soon. Thanks for the chance. :)

    • lesleyk

      Too Faced eye shadows are some of my very favorites. So rich and buttery!

    • VickiNeulinger

      Shadow Insurance Primer!

    • ccdouglass

      I’d have to say that my favorite Too Faced product would be their eye shadows.  So many beautiful colors!

    • Sabina

      Too Faced Cosmetics are hard to find in Ireland, but I have 2 of their eyeshadows- dirtbag and bob’s your uncle and the colour payoff is amazing. I’d really love to win this :D

    • ZubiaRizvi

      Too Faced Eyeshadows would be my favourite!

    • EuterpesDelight

      The Perfect Peacock liner is soooo gorgeous. I would say it is my favourite Too Faced product, but from afar, since I haven’t actually bought any Too Faced despite buying it for my sister and poking at it every time I’m in Sephora.

    • CaitlinSticco

      I actually do not have a single Too Faced product right now! I’ve been coveting those creamy lipsticks, though.

    • KarenMontoyaPellegrino

      So many of the Too Faced products I LOVE. I would say my absolute favorite Too Faced product is the shadow insurance

    • cloudboy

      Candlelight highlighter<3

    • liltea

      Too Faced’s Teddy Bear Hair Kabuki Brush is the best Kabuki Brush evAr.

    • spiral_bound

      I really love Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but haven’t had a chance to try much else yet.

    • http://www.tjandamypugmire.blogspot.com 1amypugmire

      I’m obsessed with their eyeshadows.

    • JaimeDM

      Yay for giveaways! Thank you and thanks Too Faced!

    • starshine715

      I love the palette I have from them! Too faced rocks!

    • WendyKroy

      I’ve only tried Too Faced mascara.

    • JaimeDM

      Love Too Faced eye shadows, the the glitter glue primer is a necessity for shadows with any shimmer/glitter at all. Practically eliminates fall out.

    • yksmith

      Wonderful giveaway!

    • RileyMariesMom

      What a great giveaway. I love their new lipsticks. I’ve also wanted to try out their primer and leopard print bronzer.

    • mustbinsane

      Definitely Too Faced Shadow Insurance, closely followed by Mocha Mi Amore.

    • kawaiiferreto

      Picking just one Too Faced item is hard, but Pink Leopard bronzer.

    • http://tallulah-bonvivantbeauty.blogspot.com/ Lulubelle107

      I use the Shadow Insurance almost every day, so I guess that’s my favorite:-)

    • shartman26

      I honestly have never tried anything by Too Faced but would love to.

    • amybelle2001

      I like their mascaras!

    • http://judixo.blogspot.com/ memorymachine

      I love TFSI!

    • brelki

      I *LOVE* the candlelight duo highlighter; in fact, I bought it because of your review!

    • kiimuu

      I have never tried anything from Too Faced before, but I’ve always been interested in their eye primer and blushes! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • 1chynna

      I have not tried any Too Faced would like to hopefully i get lucky one day..I really love your giveaway thank you for the apportunity..love all your pic on your makeup your so lucky to play with different colors

    • romany96
    • bridgesr4

      What an awesome giveaway!!!  I’ve never tried Too Faced, but would love to try their Shadow Insurance!!

    • TeaMBugarin

      I haven’t tried Too Faced so this bundle of beauty and happiness would be a great start, don’t you think?

    • CrystesMom

      I only own one item by Too Faced- a Glamour to Go palette, but I’ve always wanted to try more of their products, especially the Shadow Insurance Primer. Thank you for the giveaway!

    • akeereweer

      I don’t have any Too Faced products as it’s not available where I live. I’ve only heard good things about it though so I really want to try it.

    • concernedowl

      Love my Black Orchid eye liner from TF!

    • thecakepie

      I need to try way more too faced before picking a fave, love the giveaway!

    • blackasphodel

      I’ve never tried the brand before.
      My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

    • moorech

      This is so awesome!!  Would love to have these goodies!

    • mrskittykaboom

      TFSI!!! My favorite TooFaced product.. I use it every day! :D

    • Kekibird

      Love Too Faced! One of my favorite companies to wear right now. They eyeshadows are so smooth and easy to blend.

    • http://www.LadycrowX.blogspot.com/ LadycrowX

      I don’t really have any of their products that I’ve tried yet, although I did swatch the TFSI Candlight and that looks really pretty!

    • Icequeen81ma

      question where do I see what is my blogloving username?

    • bunnygirlm

      Too Faced is my all time favorite cruelty free brand! I’m so excited to put in my entries. Thanks for doing this. :)

    • KimberlyLagosiPurcell

      Shadow Insurance!!!

    • hobbylobbyist

      I love the sun bunny bronzer! elizabeth dot k dot parisi at gmail dot com

    • pinkmariebelle

      I have only tried Two Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance and I love it. Would love to try others.

    • KatiBusboom

      I’ve only tried TFSI and I love it!!!

    • JessTownsend

      it’s been so long. i enjoyed their eye shadows back in the day. but i’m a too faced virgin, i guess!

    • TerraKlein

      Thank you for this giveaway TOO FACED is the best

    • TerraKlein

      My favorite TOO FACED product is definitely my shadow insurance primer!

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi M

      I guess my very favorite would have to be TFSI, but I loveloveLOVE Poison Orchid eyeshadow, too.

    • lunrei

      Gotta be my Shadow Insurance, I love it!!

    • krystlekouture

      I love shadow insurance!

    • ItsJustDi

      I LOVE the Too Faced Pink leopard bronzed as well as this past summer’s eye palette.

    • BrilliantBrntte

      The cheek cremes look beautiful!

    • OrangeLipstickK

      My favorite Too Faced product is Snow Bunny!

    • boundtobeauty

      My favorite TooFaced product is Shadow Insurance! I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Umara2

      glamour to go palette

    • RebeccaRussell

      I have never tried any TwoFaced products! *gasp*  I have heaerd so many good things about them that I am super excited to try some out! Thanks for the chance to win some!

    • Quinctia

      The only Two Faced product I have is an eyeshadow duo, which I like! :)

    • Naznin

      I have never owned a Too faced product. I really wish to win this giveaway and try those products out. So kind of you to do an international giveaway. Hope to win!

    • ktsmurf

      I’ve actually never used any Too Faced products, but I’m super curious about the shadow insurance. I want to know how it compares to UDPP!

    • LisemarieVisnic

      I work with Rescue dogs, I groom and help care for over 100 + on average. It can be messy but I use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance every day and through rain, heat, snow or bath-water soaking it has never failed me.~~~

    • DizzyLizzy588

      Too Faced is literally and truly growing on me I am from Malaysia and Sephora has to be credited into bringing the Brand over here. Though the selection is very limited I am ever so grateful . And thank you for this giveaway.. Really appreciate it.

    • nycRed714

      I haven’t used any yet so I’d love to win!

    • lindsaydamodel

      i love primed & poreless! i used it everyday.

    • lindsaydamodel

      i love primed & poreless! i use it everyday.

    • redalepou

      I love the Highlighter, it is amazing)

    • redalepou

      I am Lulu on Rafflecopter

    • andimurdock

      I entered like crazy. but this old gal had a hard time finding my user name on some of the social sites hee hee. i should have had my teen daughter help me.

      • andimurdock

        oh and my fave product right now is my touche eclait under eye concealer. doesn’t get rid of puffiness though

    • DanielaDodel

      I have never tried something from too faced :(

    • CiaraLMurphy

      Too faced shadow insurance! :)

    • Stephanie Jones

      i love shadow insurance

    • Dlori

      What a fabulous giveaway from one of my favorite beauty bloggers. Good luck to all.
      kleimanlaw at aol dot com

    • http://liquirizia.over-blog.com Lutrinae

      I haven’t a favourite Too Faced product yet because I never get the chance to try it :o)

    • kissmysparkle

      Thanks for such a neat giveaway opportunity! I really love a lot of Too Faced products, but Too Faced Shadow Insurance is absolutely a holy grail. I can’t makeup without it!

    • AnnaTsolaki

      Prim & Poppy Lip & Cheek crème

    • Gone2RehabBRB

      Natural at Night palette <3

    • IrinaZhoze

      My favourite product is Shadow Insurance.

    • Menia

      I love the Bronzed and the Beautiful palette!!! Especially the Chocolate Soleil bronzer!

    • HeidiOwns

      Thank you for the awesome opportunity! Shadow Insurance would have to be my all time fave Too Faced product!

    • ChristinaVonKlopka

      This is an amazing giveaway!!

    • ZubiaRizvi

      Tweeted Again!Amazing Giveaway :)

    • MeandBells

      their chocolate bronzer is my absolute favorite! RAFFLECOPTER NAME- Courtney b
      vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

    • AllisonFuerste

      I love Shadow Insurance. I also live there teddy bear brushes because they are so soft!

    • oumomof2

      I love their Primed and Poreless face primer!  But I’d love to try that gorgeous Candlelight Highlighter too!  Thanks for the giveaway!

    • fatema

      their shadow insurance!

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    • http://www.newlove-makeup.com/ Bhumika

      I love their Shadow Insurance..stays put the whole day and no creasing or fading !

    • Camelia Andrasescu

      I haven’t tried yet a TF product , so sorry !

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    • aliceinnappyland

      I’ve never tried a too faced product but I’m really excited for the Shadow Insurance primer! I’ve heard great things about it!

    • KhaleiFogle

      Great giveaway! I love the Shadow Insurance <3

    • anca_ty

      Amazin giveaway! The Shadow Insurance primer, it’s simply amazing!

    • anca_ty

      Amazing giveaway! The Shadow Insurance primer, it’s simply amazing!

    • soundisvibration

      I love their plumping glosses!

    • lindseyg

      The new lipsticks are some of the best I’ve ever tried. I bought 4 colors immediately!

    • AnneLee

      dont have any in particular

    • aitch77

      Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, the perfect matte bronzing shade.

    • TolmuRull

      Shadow Insurance for sure!

    • MargaretTravis

      I love Too Faced Primer!

    • ruuuuuski

      I adore too faced products!

    • Marcia beauty info zone

      Too Faced Shadow Insurance

    • babegurl77

      My favorite Too Faced product is def shadow insurance eye primer. This stuff is like gold to me. Lol.

    • leahofoz

      I don’t have any Too Faced products and I’ve been wanting to try them for a long time!

    • AliKu

      too faced shadow insurance

    • floralswirls

      my fav is their Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette! :D

    • katygmorris

      Shadow Insurance is a holy grail product for me.

    • carollinxu

      i don’t have Too Faced products and I want to try them <3

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    • memalou

      I’ve never tried Too Faced products, but I bought some last night. Can’t wait to try the Shadow Bon-Bons palette and a La Creme lipstick today.

    • uffda

      I’ve always been curious about toofaced cosmetics.  I really want to try the eye primer.

    • KatieJohnston

      I’ve never tried Too Faced before but that Spun Sugar set is gorgeous.

    • lov2read68

      Too Faced Shadow Insurance – it is the primer I go back to time & time again!

    • JessScull

      Shadow insurance!

    • beautyboxcanada

      Any TooFaced product! What a great giveaway! , I am in love with their products :)

    • awesome_tacos

      I have actually never tried any Too Faced products before, though I would love to try their Shadow Insurance, as it has such a cult following. :)

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    • catherc

      i loved the bronzer that smells like chocolate! Forget it’s specific name…

    • TinaReneeBarker

      Primed and Poreless primer is awesome! I love that it is tinted & makes skin feel so smooth!

    • Telma Leal

      Hi! I never tried any Too Faced products, so i can’t tell you what’s my favourite.. :)

    • pumpkindolly

      Oooh, such a nice prize!!!

    • pumpkindolly

      My favorite Too Faced product is the Natural Eye palette. I think I prefer it to UD’s Naked for lazy days.

    • cindybatch

      love the shadow insurance!

    • LoganLucius

      The shadow insurance is awesome!

    • Elise Martine

      Don’t own many products from Too Faced but love the ones I have and the packaging is gorgeous, I’m a sucker for packagings ;)

    • LumiJing

      i own none, would like to try their shadows though

    • agigant5

      I want to try their shadows currently only have eye primer.

    • smartmegha811

      I havent tried Too faced cosmetics yet but would love to try :)

    • herpina


    • herpina

      I haven’t tried Too Faced yet, either :)

    • http://trishwonderland.blogspot.com.es TrishWonderland

      Hi! Well, I haven’t tried Too Face products, but I’ve heard very good opinions about them. :)

    • janneyt

      Matte palette is one of my favorites!

    • MinZheng

      I really want to try the candlelight highlighter!

    • everywheresafe

      their bb cream

    • http://www.twitter.com/lesliedoser LeslieDoser

      Love, love, love their shadows, blushes and highlighters!!

    • twotil

      I like their lip primer.

    • jaclynsmusings

      well, the products that i want to try the most that i hope would become my favorites are their shadow insurance, lip primer, and holiday palettes.
      thanks for a fabulous giveaway!
      happy blogging!

    • chymerikaen

      I love their teddy bear brushes!

    • Marcy Strahan

      Candlelight Highlighter is my favortie!

    • minimisfit

      I haven’t used tooface products yet, but I really like the prim and poppy blush.

    • RadmilaUstych
    • jeneyg

      I don;t have many too faced products, but I really like the naked eye palette. It’s one of my go-tos.

    • Alena

      I love a small palette consist of two eyeshadows and blush. But it’s my one and only product from Too Faced. I would love to try more.

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    • Eplefe

      I’ve barely tried any Too Faced, but I really liked the Shadow Insurance when I tried that. It’s really a great primer. ^^

    • erinforevermore

      I adore Too Faced eyeshadows and Shadow Insurance. OH! And their AMAZING palettes!

    • intrigue1

      I love their eyeshadows. They ate long lasting.

    • Stephanie H

      Their palettes and brushes! Thank you!

    • http://vickyhoang.blogspot.com/ Vicky Hoang

      i love their natural eye shadow collection palette! that was my first time hearing about too faced <3

    • MakinguptheMW

      The Candlelight Highlighter is my favorite singular product, but I LOVE any and all of the shadow collections.

    • MiMiLuvsMakeup

      Too Faced Shadow Insurance! It’s been a favorite primer since my friend gifted me a tube a few years ago.

    • NinjaCupcake

      I lurve Too faced Full Bloom Lip and Cheek Creme. – Thanks for the chance to win

    • rschein1

      I absolutely love the smokey eye palettes  I have the day time one, it’s incredible. I don’t even need to buy the Naked palette.

    • prettysquaredmm

      my favorite too faced product is the shadow insurance, it’s been a lifesaver in terms of creasing. best product on the market for anti creasing. 
      Thanks for having the giveaway, I love too faced!

    • StephK83


    • StephK83

      their mascara is amazing

    • AnneColt

      I haven’t tried any Too Faced products  :(

    • LazenBeauty

      Mdnight Misy eye color!

    • LacquerMeSilly

      Shadow Insurance is my favorite Too Faced product and one of my top favorite all time beauty products!

    • iowagirl301

      I love Too Faced bronzers, they just work so well.

    • http://j31my777.blogspot.com/ Memy

      I would love to finally try Too Faced products! They look awesome =)

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    • NinaSagarbarria

      I love their Lip of Luxury lipstick!

    • chiarainfinite

      My favourite Too Faced product are the palettes, I absolutely love all of them!!

    • puntimania
    • kikishoes

      My favorite Too Faced product are the eye shadows.

    • carizzatabobo

      I love their palettes! x

    • jencendiary

      The only thing I’ve ever used is the Shadow Insurance, and I keep trying to persuade myself to buy another tube.

    • SimonaGiveaway
    • AutiliaDeSimone

      I love Spun Sugar Set!

    • lontre

      my favorite too faced product is the kpalette concealer, it’s my hg. i swearby itThanks for having the giveaway

    • InfinityShp

      absolutely love the smokey eye palettes

    • ashleymorrissey90
    • trillinap

      my favourite too faced are the palettes spetaculars

    • BethanyRose

      my favorite too faced product is pink leopard. I had the trio they once had but my purse got stolen and it happened to be in my purse. :( I wish they would sell candy leopard by itself.

    • CharmingGeek

      I don’t have a favorite (yet), but have been tempted by the products, several times. Sadly, we disabled Epileptics don’t have much in the way of spending cash-LOL-so winning this would totally refurbish my woefully skimpy makeup kit.

    • Endless Summer

      I haven’t tried any Too Faced products yet but hopefully I win and have the opportunity to do so! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Beautify_UrLife

      Great Giveaway!

    • AntonellaTogato

      love the smokey eye palettes

    • ShannonLuis

      Shadow Insurance for sure!

    • DenaliGusBrace

      My fave would have to be the Liquif-Eye collection :)

    • AshleyHaddock

      I love Too Faced’s eyeshadow!

    • Sabeeta

      I have never used any too faced products but I’ll love to try them out

    • ChristieBrooks

      I’ve never had the chance to use Too Faced products.

    • CelineStallinga

      Cat Eyes looks amazing!

    • Airreall

      I’ve never had the chance to use Too Faced. But, I would absolutely love the opportunity (:

    • JulieMcDonald

      this looks great, I’ve never used Too Faced products but would love to try them

    • EmaSheistheone


    • GraziellaCamilleri

      I absolutely adore Shadow Insurance! I’ve tried it and can surely say it’s wonderful!!

    • LadyAmour

      This is a great giveaway, thanks for doing it!

    • RedStewart

      I don’t have a favourite product as I’ve never tried any – but I have been practically dying to get my hands on anything Too Faced, especially eye shadows.  Thank you for such a fantastic giveaway!!

    • aeviterna

      I’ve never actually tried Too Faced before; they’re way out of my price range as a college student, haha!

    • AdiNnE1

      wow.. nice. this is my fav product from tooFaced Cosmetics. 
      La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream

    • AlishaAshley

      I loove their eyeshadows…they always look FAB!

    • vks4420

      Amazing giveaway! I loooove Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder <3

    • http://www.facebook.com/collifornia colleen boudreau

      I haven’t tried very many of their products so I don’t have a favorite yet.

    • abgalloway90

      I love their candy bar eyeshadow!

    • kimmiedearest

      My favorite is a toss-up between Shadow Insurance and Snow Bunny Bronzer. I’ve also hit pan on their In the Buff eyeshadow.

    • Kristina Kemesic

      My favorite is candy bar eyeshadow :)

    • bhevarri

      i haven’t yet tried any of too faced’s products! I think I’d love their eyeliners though; I’ve heard awesome things about em :)

    • bunnygirlm

      Yet another reason to look forward to Thanksgiving (besides awesome food with my momma!)  So excited!

    • Starrydance

      Shadow Insurance all the way!

    • TrezDrake

      I have a Too Faced Brush kit that I love! It’s cruelty free.

    • Porcelaine

      I love TFSI!

    • shaimapassion

      I tried some lip glosses and they were great

    • LorraineArndell

      Thanks for the giveaway ! I love Too Faced. Their skin primer and their eyeshadow primer are just the best IMO !

    • red_viola

      Really nice giveaways! I would like try your giveaway products!

    • pinkberriees

      I haven’t tried any Too Faced products yet. :( But I would love to try them!

    • kw8tipzz

      i havent used too faced

    • femmeinistgrrrl

      Love the giveaway! Copper Peony and Midnight Mist look like they would be gorgeous together or separately.

    • kittylitter1

      I really like their matte bronzer.  The eye shadows have a lovely texture too.

    • http://admiredelements.blogspot.com/ Kay L

      I don’t have a favorite, not yet anyways. I haven’t tried much of their products.

    • http://www.baninibeauty.com baninibeauty

      I haven’t tried any two faced products yet so don’t have a fave! I’ve heard great things about their eyeshadow primer tho!
      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • ElleJee

      thank you so much for the giveaway! i love their shadow insurance and have been running low on it, as a matter of fact…hopefully i can win some more :)

    • Janelle Monique

      Lashgasm! I only wish it came in brown!

    • elisvanity

      The only item I own is the Shadow Insurance and I really like it.

    • SamanthaDalmasso

      i love the cat eye kit!!

    • arraabella

      Lashgasm! :)

    • SusanPertierra

      I like a face primer and this one is nice - Primed & Poreless Pure Face Primer.

    • Kate_Champagne

      My favorite Too Faced product is Candlelight Shadow Insurance! Love the golden sheen :)

    • lareessa

      My favorite is Too Faced product Insurence eye primer!

    • MarilenaKat

      the cat eye kit!!!!!!!!!!

    • slimgoodie56ace

      I’m so excited for this collection!

    • MandyEverley

      I love Too Faced Shadow Insurance :)

    • SakuraKiss01

      This collection looks amazing, and thank you for doing this!

      • SakuraKiss01

        And my favorite product is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, of course!

    • julesbarb

      collection looks amazing! i would love the cat eyes but love shadow insurance too!

    • AnneliseWalsh

      All I own of too faced are lip glosses, which are lovely. I’m dying to try some eyeshadows though

    • ursa_maritimus

      I love Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance!!

    • ursa_maritimus

      Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance is my favorite primer!!!

    • TLadiana

      Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance :)

    • tinabeana12

      All time fav: Too Faced Show Insurance!

    • countdowntobliss

      Shadow Insurance for sure!

    • bunnygirlm

      Love their BB cream. I use it in place of primer and my skin has improved so much.

    • MichelleMaestas

      Chocolate Soleil Bronzer :)

    • HelenaPires

      I love the Cat Eye Kit!

    • Cybelle Oliveira

      I love Primed & Poreless Skin-Smoothing Face Primer

    • celticirishh

      I love their eyeshadows, the colors are amazing, they blend and last!

    • EstherWhatley

      love the Spun Sugar Set

    • melzzz

      My fav. too faced product is their Sparkler Glamour Gloss. It’s discontinued, but I have enough to last me a few years!

    • MaryMcGoye

      Shadow insurance is amazing!!!!

    • redfuzzycow

      really want to try the Prim & Poppy Lip & Cheek crème!!

    • redfuzzycow

      really want to try the Prim & Poppy Lip & Cheek crème!!

    • egood33

      Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    • egood33

      Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    • ShahneelaShamim

      that’s an amazing giveaway..
      i ‘d luv to try the cat eyekit.. hope i win..

    • llanaPrudente

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