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A Purse & Shoes for a Winter NYC Trip

Since moving to Florida, I’ve got a preference for wearing open toe shoes. I don’t like having my feet constricted. However, I also don’t like to be cold! So I opted to shop for some closed toed heels and boots. I also needed a purse big enough to hold my Canon rebel t3i.


A Purse and Shoes for a Winter NYC Trip

Aldo Brantner Black Purse – $55.00
Umberto Raffini Mimi Black Dress Pump – $79.99
Madden Girl Truee Black Paris Boots – $47.99


Aldo Brantner  Inside Purse

You can see my camera bag fits inside this purse with plenty of room for my kindle fire, my wallet, and makeup bag.

Aldo Brantner Bag!

I really love the cutout detail and the gorgeous coppery-rose-gold metallic detailing on the purse. It’s got a great long strap that I think will make it perfect for traveling. The dress pumps have really cool metallic snake pattern for the strap. They’ll be great for when I have to dress up. The boots are a sort of distressed black color. I really can’t wait to wear them!

What do you think about my choices for my NYC trip?

All products purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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    • http://glamourandghouls.blogspot.com/ spooki

      I could never wear heels there, I always do way too much walking. My poor feet are dead and done by the time I’m catching the train home even in “sensible shoes”.
      It’s not too cold this time of year, but it probably will feel insanely cold coming from Florida. Hopefully you won’t get any nasty windy days.

    • jeanniesmiles

      LOVE that Aldo purse! When I go to Aldo I’m always so enthralled by their shoes (they make tall boots big enough to fit my large calves) that I often overlook their purses and accessories.

    • Amber M

      That is a pretty purse. have fun in NYC.

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    • Dlori

      As a born and raised New Yorker who lives in Manhattan, you picked PERFECT choices. It’s chilly here now although the definition of chilly for a Floridian as compared to a New Yorker is quite different. It’s about 45 degrees but clear. For me, that’s not even a winter coat weather but for a Floridian…… If you need a guide or would like to meet for lunch, I’d love that. So when will you be coming to NY?
      kleimanlaw at aol dot com

    • beauty_the_geek

      LOVE the purse and the pumps. Though depending on what you feel is “cold” any skin showing might drive you insane. It’s not too bad in terms of weather in places that are usually bad (speaking for Michigan, anyway), but somebody who isn’t used to it might be a little uncomfortable.

    • Moxiereviews

      I love what you purchased. Hopefully, you won’t have snow, or you’re going to need some snow boots! Have a great time–I love visiting NYC! xo

    • mustbinsane

      That purse is GORGEOUS! And affordable. I see a new item for my Christmas list.

    • http://mousewings.dreamwidth.org/ mousewings

      The handbag is adorable. I’ll have to see if they carry it in our local Aldos.  
      Have a great time in NYC.

    • http://www.cake-pie.com/ thecakepie

      Your purse is so awesome ^_^ Have fun in NY!!

    • http://vulcanbutterfly.blogspot.com Vulcan_Butterfly

      Awesome purse!