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Google Hangout Prizes

Thank you everyone who came to the google hangout! You can watch the video of it here if you missed seeing it live. We had some technical difficulties.


The brands that I mentioned are:
Cult Nails
BftE Cosmetics
Pumpkin & Poppy Cosmetics
Silk Naturals
bare Minerals
and I ran out of time (because of the technical difficulties) but had planned to also mention Meow Cosmetics.

4 Winners will be chosen who attended the Google Hangout!

1 Winner will receive the following from Cult Nails:
Cult Nails Bitten, Coveted, Charlatan, Nevermore, Get it On Base Coat, Wicked Fast Top Coat and a mini nail file.

1 Winner will receive the following from Silk Naturals:
a jar each of the Prisms (astral, aura, changeling, spectre, faerie, caldera, conjure, spell), some Welcome Matte, Stick ‘Em primer, and one of the lip clicks or a balm (their choice)

1 Winner will receive the following from bare Minerals:
the Star Treatment Palette

1 Winner will receive the following from BftE Cosmetics:
Their Choice of a Naughty or Nice Christmas set

Winners have been contacted via email and are displaying on the rafflecopter widget. I’m waiting to hear back from them all.

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    • tinated

      Thanks for the chat/video (or whatever you call it). I appreciate the effort all of you put forth to do something new and different. I’m definitely looking into some of the stuff you all mentioned.

    • prettysquaredmm

      fingers crossed for some of the eyeshadows! that swatch you had was so beautiful, came across as sparkly even over the computer screen. Checking out Silk Naturals now, I saw your reviews previously but didn’t realize they had so many colors available! 
      Great hangout, hope you all do it more often :)

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    • andimurdock

      I had so much fun tonight! I think I may have popped up on the screen during the first try lol! which scares me with my no makeup- acne ridden (damn pms) and frizzy hair. my first time trying it too. Hope you ladies do more of them!