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Gosh Cosmetics at Walgreens!

I finally had time to drop into my local Walgreens. It was revamped a few months ago and they changed it to make wider aisles and better displays. While there, I noticed that they had an endcap with Gosh Cosmetics! Gosh is a brand that I’ve wanted to try but could never get my hands on. They had a display that was very picked over. I managed to snag their eyeshadow primer because I’ve heard so many people rave about it.

Gosh Cosmetics is at Walgreens

I’ve had my eye on the following products by Gosh:
Holographic Silver and Aquatic Effect Powders
Black Ink and Pretty Petrol Velvet Touch Eye Liner
Gasoline, Ocean, and Galaxy Nail Lacquer

As you can see, they’re selling well in my area. When I was checking out, the lady at the register remarked that they keep selling out fast!

What are your favorite products from Gosh Cosmetics? Are they available in your area?

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    • AllisonFuerste

      It’s available in my area. The store on State Street in Chicago has it. I believe you will only find it if your store is new or recently revamped to include the Look Boutique.I love the nail polish. I’ve also tested the BB cream but it’s not been stocked yet at my store. I love it!

      • Danii

        AllisonFuerste If you read Musings of a Muse, the Muse already reviewed it and its a pricey little thing! I think it was $25 or more. I don’t think she really cared for it (but she, like Dee (Phyrra), prefers Korean brand BBs, the real deal.

    • http://buyingcrueltyfree.com/ Catherine bcf

      I had no idea Gosh was coming to the US!! I hope they show up in my area :)

    • oneniceirishgirl

      Be still my heart!! I have been coveting the GOSH Holo polish since I saw swatches online, but couldn’t justify spending that much on EvilBay

    • thecakepie

      I had no idea!

    • tinabeana12

      I’ll be checking out the “good” Walgreen in my area to find out!

    • Marcia beauty info zone

      I live not far from Windsor in Canada but because I have to pay tolls to take the bridge or tunnel plus pay their unreal taxes, I don’t go often. But I have bought quite a bit of Gosh. Love their nail polish and their eyeliners. I guess it’s time for a Gosh review though the shadows I have are probably not sold now.

    • Danii

      UGH! Really?? I was JUST at a Walgreens last night, wandering the beauty aisle. All I found was someone’s lost Yummy Mummy Lippy from butter LONDON and Sinful Colors new lipglosses. GOSH has some gorgeous stuff… I hope my Walgreens gets a GOSH set up! It reminds me of the NYX set ups in Ulta.

    • BooBooNinja

      Phyrra,  I’m looking forward to reading your reviews on GOSH products. They are available where I am, and they make my favourite “lipstick” product. (I’m not yet a lipstick girl.) Unfortunately, I discovered the GOSH Soft ‘n Shine Lip Balms after GOSH discontinued them! They are wonderfully creamy, soft and moisturizing, and I love the packaging. Something akin to the MAC Slim Shines (?), I hear. 
      Anyway, GOSH eyeliners are supposed to be incredible.

    • KimberlyisHere

      Besides selling well, they may have just not received all the product at once. Sometimes this happens because different products could be shipping from different distribution centers. Hopefully, they will keep yours stocked!

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