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Silk Naturals Holiday 2012 Collection Review and Swatches

Today I’ve got the Silk Naturals Holiday 2012 Collection Review and Swatches for you!

Silk Naturals Holiday 2012 Collection

Silk Naturals Winter Prism Eve Shadows

Winter Prism Eves shadows. The Prisms are pure pigments that look like a certain color in the jar, but come alive with bold interference effects, like looking at a crystal or prism. These colors are 100% pigment- please wear them with a primer to get the full prism effect.

All colors swatched on my bare skin with no primer.

Silk Naturals Winter Prism Eve Shadows Swatches

I love the eyeshadow names!

A light shimmering gold with red and purple interference.
My Take
Pale peachy-tan shimmery gold with hints of red and violet interference.

A color that looks peach in the jar- but then…taadaa! It’s loaded with purple interference color.
My Take
Pale peachy-pink with purple interference.

Silk Naturals Winter Prism Eve Shadows Swatches

A very shimmery coppery orange tone with red and purple interference. It’s great blended with Aurora.
My Take
This one is cool! Or should I say hot? It’s Copper like a new penny, but if you turn it, it’s red. Then it also looks orange, too. I can see red-violet interference.

A plum base with lots of blue interference. It’s fun blended with Gasp.
My Take
Plum purple with blue twinkles and interference.

An illusive shadow to try to photograph. It’s a light pearl with golden twinkles, gold, and green highlights.
My Take
Soft palest grey white with golden interferece.

A plummy blue base, and tons of green, blue, and golden interference.
My Take
Semi-sheer plum-brown base with strong green, blue and gold interference.

Silk Naturals Winter Prism Eve Shadows Swatches

A shade that looks beige in the jar, but when you apply it over Stick ‘Em it pops out with the most intense blue and green interference colors.
My Take
Beige-suntan base with strong blue and green interference.

A brown base- it looks sort of “ho hum” in the jar. BUT when applied it becomes multi-dimentional- almost otherworldly with green, and twinkling blue highlights.
My Take
Brown base with strong green iridescence

Silk Naturals Winter Prism Eve Shadows Holiday 2012 Swatches

The colors all have gorgeous interference. They truly come alive when worn over a sticky base or wet.

Silk Naturals Beach Trio and More

Mazel Tov
a light golden wash with silvery glimmers.
My Take
Gorgeous light golden shade with silver shimmer

Mazel Tov, Doubloons, Blessings

a light wash color with a greenish black base and copper, gold, and red highlights.
My Take
Reminds me of Fyrinnae Te Amo, soft light grey base with strong copper interference and golden gleams

Mazel Tov, Doubloons, Blessings

It’s a black, and it has glowing copper and gold highlights.  While not quite a Prism color- it was the beginning of that idea.
My Take
Charcoal  grey base with gold shift and copper shimmer.

Specimen, Sinner, Welcome Matte

a creamy pearl with a layer of turquoise interference, and light blue sparkles.
My Take
I love this one! Perfect highlighter. Exactly as described, I couldn’t come up with a more perfect description.

Specimen, Sinner, Welcome Matte

a sheer dirty black base with gold, silver and copper glimmers.
My Take
Charcoal undertones with a coppery base and gold and silver shimmer. This one is utterly gorgeous but it irritates my allergies so I can’t wear it.

Welcome Matte
It’s an eyshadow mattifier. To use just blend a little on top of your shadows and you’re good to go.

Beach Trio

Beach Bum
The Beach Bum trio started life as a GWP- it’s 3 pigments in a cute little stacking jar set.  There’s a pale lavender tone that can be used as a shadow or, used sparingly as a neat illuminator, a sheer peachy tan bronzerish type color, and a sheer pinkish blush tone.

These are multi-use pigments- you can use them anywhere on your face as pretty much anything- a blush, a shadow, or even a lippie with a little clear balm.

My Take
I like the peachy tan shade, the lavender illuminator has some bluish tones, and the pink blush is nice. I like that all 3 can be used as eyeshadow.

Silk naturals Lip products

Deep ultra pigmented dark reddish plum with no shimmer.
My Take
Vampy deep plum. Perfect for Fall and Winter.

a red, but made a little more neutral, and toned down.
My Take
Really lovely neutral red.

Mayhem Concerto Believer

a sheer berry tone with just a little bit of opacity, and a very slight smidge of silver glimmer.
My Take
Sheer berry with shimmer

BRIGHT- mid-toned hot orange just kind of skirting the edge of red.
My Take
Bright warm hot reddish orange

Hustle Bustle

sheer peachy coral with just a little bit of white to make it creamy- sort of like the warmer ALG version of Soft.
My Take
Sheer reddish coral.

High Jinks
a pretty deep pinkish red with an overlay of gold shimmer.
My Take
Raspberry red with gold shimmer

High Jinks Hubbub

a creamy peach- a little on the sheer side with golden glimmers.
My Take
Reddish peach with shimmer


Curious High Jinks Hubbub

Color Cream Curious
This isn’t on the site yet but it’s a cream eyeshadow prototype. It’s a cream to powder shadow.

Silk Naturals Doubloons Wearing Doubloons on the lid, Scout deeply in the crease, Mazel Tov on the browbone, and Sinner along the lower lash line.

$4.00 Eyeshadows
$8.99 Beach Bum Trio
$4.50 Amplifying Lip Glaze
$4.95 Black Label
$4.75 Liquid Gloss
$4.50 Kisser Slicker

I love all the shadows. I love all the complexities of each shade. I bet they’ll be fun to layer over a black base.

Mayhem and Concerto are my favorites from the lippies.

What are your favorite colors? Do you see any must haves?

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • Whimsical Kelly

      I love Sinner to bits. The prism colors are such great fun to play with. I wore Caldera the other day and really loved it over a sticky primer.

    • RiffRaffRanch

      Spell and Hijinks are talkin’ to me, and I’m curious about Curious. Hoping you’ll do a look with it soon!

    • Makeupfancy

      I want Doubloons so bad >.< Also Aura and Faerie look really nice and I’m sort of intrigued with Welcome Matte.. the lip stuff all looks nice, I love the look of Mayhem, High Jinks and Hubbub especially. I’ve never tried Silk Naturals but they’re on my list!

    • RiffRaffRanch

      Oh yeah – Welcome Matte interests me too! Eyeshadow mattifier? Not sure about that. Hmmm. Needs a tut. ;)

    • kissmysparkle

      I’ve already got most of these in my cart over at SN. I CAN’T WAIT for Sinner, Caldera, Aura, Spectre, and… well, all the rest of them! :)

    • http://corviddreams Corviddreams

      I am very excited! I have Caldera and Doubloons on their way to me right now.  I hope Doubloons shows up on my skin tone.  I tried propinquity, and it somehow blends into my skin tone and doesn’t show up hardly at all.  I ended up using it as a highlight shade with Glory (you were right, everyone needs Glory), and that looks lovely together.  I have a light/medium olive skin tone and certain things just look different on me.

    • Icequeen81ma

      Mytem , aura and astral are gorgeous

    • ninjaGlamour

      LOVE doubloons and mayhem and can’t wait to get my hands on the cream eyeshadows! thanks for the swatches :)

    • Wendi Girven

      Oooooo, Caldera and Mayhem!!

    • LolaSeicento

      Gorgeous swatches and a STUNNING EOTD, as always you rocked it Phyrra!

    • MamaElf

      I received Doubloons as a GWP several months ago–I adore it and use it often! I told myself no more makeup for awhile (haha, right!), but I think I might absolutely have to grab a tube of High Jinks. And Believer. :) Thanks for the super helpful swatches–everything is so gorgeous!

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    • KellyLoganGould

      I think I need Caldera. NOW!!

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