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Update on Evil Shades

Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know that I’m aware that people are experiencing difficulties with Evil Shades. I’m writing this post due to the emails that I’ve received from readers asking me if I knew what was going on with the company.

As they are a company that I have recommended in the past, I wanted to comment on the difficulties. Right now they’re having issues with getting orders out on time. They’ve had some cart troubles and issues with Facebook and emails, too.  There have been health issues as well.

As such, I would hold off on ordering from them right now. I just can’t in good conscience recommend ordering from them right now after my most recent experience.

I had an order that I placed on Oct. 27 and didn’t receive until Dec. 15. I received a shipping notification on Dec. 7 but it never updated. So while I received my order and my items were fine, it took a very long time. I don’t remember what the stated Turn Around Time was on the website when I ordered, but I did just check the current TAT:
Evil Shades Turn Around Time

I believe Evil Shades will be shutting down temporarily to catch up on orders and address the issues.

The best way to contact Evil Shades about any issues is through their Facebook page.

Evil Shades

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    • nekosan

      Awww.  My heart goes out to EvilAngel; it’s not easy being a business of one person.  Here’s hoping things get better for her and her family soon!

    • selenite

      That’s nice. I ordered around the 6th of october and have yet to see my measly three item order.

    • http://glamourandghouls.blogspot.com/ spooki

      It feels like Evil Shades has been having issues forever! I ordered samples sometime in the spring and never got around to ordering full sizes because of shipping issues. I don’t mind waiting a few weeks but months is too much for me.

    • manicuredslayer

      I always appreciate your recommendations. I know you put a lot of time and thought into your writing and am proud to be one of your readers!!

      • manicuredslayer

        An update for my order from October–I finally had to file with Paypal and got my refund because she never responded to Paypal’s requests for a response. “Supposedly” she mailed it but no surprise (based on reading other people’s experience with ES), it never arrived. I am a very understanding person but DON’T lie to me. I am not pretty when lied to. Not to mention the stress it caused me. At least I got my money back thanks to Paypal.

    • dreamworldminerals

      As a small business owner, I can totally understand both sides of the issue. I have had many problems with shipping and finally shut down because there was no way I could do it alone. Now that I have help, I will be reopening, but not until I am sure that shipping is within 72 hours at the most. 
      Also having health issues, my heart goes out to Evil Shades and hope that she is able to recuperate and be as good as new…
      Ellie, DreamWorld Minerals

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    • RuthlessM

      She should have shut down ages ago-it’s one thing to say “Hey, having issues ” it’s another to keep your website open and to accept money.  Stuff happens in everyone’s life, but if you are constantly in a place where life gets in the way of your business you should put the business on hold until life sorts out.

      • manicuredslayer

        RuthlessM I agree with you to a point….I have multiple chronic illnesses and it worries me how to balance my own business with the uncertainties that come with chronic illness. I cannot speak for ES, but I know for me, life doesn’t ever “let up” : /  It is something I keep in the forefront of my mind when making my business decisions. So for *some* of us (again, speaking for myself) having constant issues isn’t an attempt for sympathy or an attempt to cause problems for customers. I’m not sure what the answer is except to be completely honest with customers from day one and to make sure there is plenty of communication.
        If you have any feedback on this, please feel free to message me, as I’d genuinely be interested in your opinion (sorry Phyrra didn’t mean to hijack your comments–it’s just an issue I am struggling with in regards to my own biz).

    • ruthless

      Hi Manicure, it’s as simple as saying ‘oh wow, I am NOT feeling well-I have 50 orders to fill and it hurts to get out of bed/breathe/take care of family I had better shut down my shopping cart and fill these orders before I accept more’ if a person has MS, parkinsons, depression-anything really can stop you in  your tracks, which is understandable. But when you are providing product for money it crosses the line between business and hobby.  Really it has nothing to do with sympathy, everyone has stuff to deal with in life-it’s professionalism that shows through in how a person runs their business. I am not saying that you or anyone shouldn’t run a small business-but that if you are in a rough patch and can’t work don’t accept orders if you are seriously behind on ones already.

      • manicuredslayer

        ruthless Very good idea, and I agree with you! Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts–I’m definitely taking notes for the future!!

      • noholosblog

        ruthless The thing is, we see this a lot with indies no matter how long they have been doing business. Some people really take on too much at once and things happen in their life and their world kinda collapses around them. I don’t think it is ethical to take money and not return it when you cannot deliver. I feel really bad when people go through painful stuff (I am still really distraught over Persephone Minerals, Victoria was wonderful) but I also don’t like when indies fail to even TRY to refund money for unfilled orders (like NerdLacquer, who people are planning at throwing money at AGAIN and she hasn’t refunded anyone!). 
        It really isn’t Phyrra’s (or any blogger’s) job to keep on top of business issues so I do appreciate her stepping up and warning people. I know that a lot of indie owners become friendly with bloggers because we are all people, after all, so it can be hard to come off as denouncing or vilifying your friends/acquaintances even though you know they are in a bad place and people are losing money. 
        As long as we can all stay civil in these instances, I think we can do well. I do think those who haven’t gotten their orders after 2 months (!!!) should file complaints and warn others, though. Not cruelly, but with the knowledge that when you buy indie, you do so knowing the risks.

        • ruthless

          noholosblog ruthless  I had a good experience with nerd laquer ages ago and I was super surprised when that went down in a boiling mess. I have been a fan of EA’s nail blog for ages, and so had a bit of knowledge on her home life/situation type deal. I don’t order cosmetics that I put on my face from one person companies that produce from home simply because I don’t feel that any one person can meet hygiene standards. It’s why factories and labs have someone doing QA to ensure others are always doing things the proper way. Nail polish not so much, it doesn’t go on or near mucus membranes etc. To me these cosmetics aren’t indie they are hobbyist and crafters, not companies.. Sugar Pill, Fyrinnae -those are indie. I hope everyone involved receives compensation or their order, but really next time if you get overwhelmed shut down your store. End of story

    • Hottie

      Sadly, my experience was the same.  I had two orders (one new order and one replacement order for all the ‘recalled’ gel liners) that was over a 60 day TAT.   Same as everyone else, I got a shipping notice around the end of October and nothing ever arrived.   I was refunded for everything eventually by the owner after a slew of emails.   Since this was my second order that went ‘missing’ I won’t be placing any future orders and I cannot recommend them at this time.   Sad because I really loved the shadows and lippies.

    • purpleflames

      Had ordered on Nov. 24th & still saying On Order. Filed a PayPal claim & she responded with “USPS tracking #STAMPS.COM” Uhhhh that’s NOT a tracking #! Even after that it’s still saying On Order. Still waiting on my refund from PayPal. I really wanted the items & this was my first order from Evil Shades & is for sure my last!

      • manicuredslayer

        purpleflames make sure you upgrade to a claim. I called paypal and they took care of me right away. So sorry this happened to you :(

    • cburton

      I ordered on the 9th October and waited patiently for nearly two months (being in the UK, I was adding on shipping time of a couple of weeks to the TAT) before starting to chase this.  Now out of time on the Paypal claim due to the excessively long TAT, the system “archiving” my order (?) and the complete lack of response to any of my emails, either through her website or through the registered Paypal address.  Eventually got a response via Facebook in early December (2 months after ordering) – very strange to only check ONE source of communication (and such an odd one to pick to respond to – if you are only going to respond to one, why not the primary email address???).  While my order has apparently been shipped out a month ago, it still has not arrived to me in the UK – even though something shipped a week ago by the very cheapest US postal service has already arrived…  I doubt whether it was sent at all right now.  It is very easy to come up with excuses which aren’t easily verifiable in order to shift the blame and make customers feel guilty for complaining about not receiving their paid-for goods.  
      I would add my opinion that indie companies need to reduce their TATs as otherwise buyers are left up the spout as they didn’t claim before the expiry date because they knew there was a long wait before shipping and they trusted a seller based on various recommendations online.  Basically free money for any indie company if they set a long TAT as Paypal doesn’t care if it is over 45 days ago (that’s only 6 weeks).  I know I won’t ever order from any indie company ever again if they have a TAT of more than 10 days.  Better safe than as sorry as I am right now!

    • Hottie

      Sadly this situation has gotten worse and not better.  No one has received their products or refunds from October/November of *2012*.  If you’re waiting, I highly recommend filing a claim with Paypal or your credit card company.