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Wantable Beauty Box Review

I’ve got a new subscription box service to talk to you about today. It’s called Wantable. Wantable sends you makeup or a jewelry box, personalized to your taste after you fill out a questionnaire. I was told that every item in my box is cruelty-free.

Wantable Makeup Box Review

The products I received:
MiA BelleZZA Luxe Creme Gel Liner in Verde – $16.50
MyFace Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio in Purple Haze – $32
Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in Dazzle – $22
Verhoeven Cosmetics Cheek Candy Cream Blush in Daiquiri – $16
Doux Amour Perfume Sample – $1
Sole Nero Perfume Sample – $1
Kai Perfume Sample – $1

I was excited to see MyFace cosmetics in my box because Eugenia (Genia Be Me) loved MyFace.

Wantable Swatches

Verhoeven Cosmetics Cheek Candy Cream Blush in Daiquiri
It’s a nice neutral pink cream blush. I really like the color.

MyFace Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio in Purple Haze
Purple Haze was a disappointment. I swatched it on my bare skin and the color payoff was pretty terrible. I expected more, especially because of the $32 price tag for the trio.

MyFace Cosmetics Purple Haze Eyeshadow Trio Swatches

I could barely get the deep matte purple shade to show up. The middle shade and right shade were patchy. This is not worth the $32 price tag to me.

MiA BelleZZA Luxe Creme Gel Liner in Verde swatch

MiA BelleZZA Luxe Creme Gel Liner in Verde
It’s a deep, mossy green with gold flecks and it’s very pretty. It looks to me like the private label indelible gel liners like the ones carried by Mad Minerals.  It’s also identical to the Addiction NV Trendy gel liner I have.

Paula Dorf Dazzle Lipstick Swatch Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in Dazzle
It’s a nice plummy neutral shade, though it leans a bit frosty. I think this is one of those shades that most women like, even if it’s not a shade that I will ever wear.

Spadaro Doux Amour Perfume Sample
Hated it.

Spadaro Sole Nero Perfume Sample
Hated it.

Kai Perfume Sample
It was ok.

You can get a single Wantable box for $40 or subscribe for $36. Each box contains products valued between $80-$100. I’m estimating my box value at $89.50.

Products I Liked:
Verhoeven Cosmetics Cheek Candy blush in Daiquiri – $16

Products I’m Neutral On:
Kai Perfume Sample – $1
MiA BelleZZA Luxe Creme Gel Liner in Verde – $16.50
Paula Dorf Lip Color Cream in Dazzle – $22

Products I Dislike:
MyFace Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio in Purple Haze – $32
Spadaro Doux Amour – $1
Spadaro Solo Nero- $1

The item that I liked best out of the box was the Daiquiri cream blush.

Because I’ve recently received an identical gel liner in the green shade, while I like it, I’m not excited over it. I was super excited over the MyFace Cosmetics Purple Haze Eyeshadow trio until I swatched it. The poor color payoff was a turn off and it is not worth its price tag. The lipstick was nice, even if it’s not my color. I do think it’s a neutral shade that lots of people will enjoy, just not me.

When I went back to Wantable’s site, I could not find my profile anywhere! I had to go back through the purchasing process to see what I had opted in and out of.

wantable selection

I could find no way to update or change that list, or even see what I’d chosen, other than the above. I don’t remember if there was an option for perfume preferences.

I’m happy to be introduced to the brand Verhoeven, and happy to have the opportunity to try out MyFace, even if I wasn’t impressed by them.

A note about Wantable’s customer service. Their customer service was prompt to answer my questions via email and very helpful. Additionally, I feel they embodied good customer service because they took the time to check that the products they were sending me were all cruelty-free.

I feel like the Wantable box has a lot of potential. I LOVE that it’s almost all color cosmetics. I think it’s definitely a subscription box worth trying out.

Have you tried Wantable? What do you think of the products that they sent me?

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • Marcia beauty info zone

      I’m wearing my whole Wantable kit today. I was surprised to see fragrance samples in my kit since I thought I’d put that as a no but I had a little trouble checking in so my wishlist might not have been right.
      I’m going to review my box after about 2 more wears but my first impression is great. I got a Verhoven powder blush that has excellent pigmentation. The e/s I got is from a different brand and I had no problem with the pigment. I got a liquid eyeliner that’s great and a Lavera gloss that’s very light but perfect for me. As far as I can tell everything in my box is cruelty free. I’m impressed with the box though the price is high.

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        Marcia beauty info zone It’s good to hear that the Verhoven powder blush is great, too. What brand was the eyeshadow? The Lavera gloss sounds nice :)
        I wonder if the fragrance samples were just extras thrown in?

        • Marcia beauty info zone

          Phyrra Marcia beauty info zone The eyeshadow is by Benecos and it’s a baked shadow. I’m wearing it wet and dry today. The eyeliner is by MyFace Cosmetics and I like it a lot. I also got two nail polishes from Color Club. I’ve reviewed Lavera a long time ago and it’s a good brand. The color I got is Rosy Promise and is a pinky peach. I’ll wear it over a lipstick tonight to see how it looks. It’s an organic brand.

          • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

            Marcia beauty info zone Oooh I love color club! That’s awesome!

      • http://www.cake-pie.com/ thecakepie

        Marcia beauty info zone Did you guys get the same stuff in your boxes?

        • Marcia beauty info zone

          thecakepie Marcia beauty info zone Mine is totally different. Two similar brands. I got mine about 2 weeks after Phyrra did plus my profile was different. I’m hoping to have a review up for it on January 9th (my birthday!!).

    • http://www.beautydelicacy.com/ jallison

      I just liked the fact that the products are cruelty-free. Still not sure about the price tag though.

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        jallison It’s definitely pricier, but I know for me, I’m happier because it’s all color cosmetics vs the skincare of some subscriptions.

    • StuMcMullin

      Hello from Stuart – Marketing Manager at Wantable.  Thank you so much for the honest review.  Fact is, we’re not perfect but are really trying to get better and understand our customers better.  Feedback like this is forever valuable.  You can direct further feedback to me personally at [email protected] 
      Happy New Years!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        StuMcMullin You’re welcome! I’m glad you found my feedback helpful. I’ll be emailing you.

        • StuMcMullin

          Phyrra Sounds great.  Email anytime.

      • http://www.cake-pie.com/ thecakepie

        StuMcMullin What a nice reply. It means a lot to customers when companies try to learn and improve their services. It’s more common to see companies defend bad choices, so kudos, Stuart!

    • http://mousewings.dreamwidth.org/ mousewings

      I haven’t subscribed to any beauty boxes, but I like how you’re able to choose which types of products you want for this one.

    • http://www.cake-pie.com/ thecakepie

      I almost never want perfume samples, I only like fruity perfume and I’m so picky it never works out >:
      I like to see what people get in their sub boxes, I like subscription services (beauty army and julep right now) that let you skip and also let you custom your own box ^_^

    • http://www.geniabeme.com/ geniabeme

      I was looking for reviews in this box bc I was thinking of buying it and your blog came up! Then I saw my face bling tones were in it and thought “Oooooo I love bling tones!!” Then I saw you mentioned me!!