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What to do With Crackle Polish

If you’ve got a lot of crackle polish left from the crackle polish trend, I’ve got a suggestion on what to do with it. Use it as an accent along the sides of your nail! It’s quick and easy and a great way to add variation. I used SpaRitual Blue Moon for my base color. I used Sephora by OPI Opalescent Gold Blast as an accent along each side of my nail.

SpaRitual Blue Moon

SpaRitual Blue Moon

SpaRitual Blue Moon

What are you doing with your crackle polish? Have you swapped it away? Is it gathering dust? Or are you using it in creative nail polish jewelry projects?

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    • RealForUs7

      I still rock it from time to time!  I still think it is fun, even if the trendiness has worn away.

    • auroragyps

      I still like wearing crackle polishes, but I found they work great on wooden beads. I painted a couple with polish for a project and then put a coat of crackle on top and the effect was really nice. The one with white crackle over shimmer polish came out a bit  better than the one with $OPI Opalescent Gold Blast (which is such a cool polish, I bought a backup bottle) over white. I plan to do some more with other colors.

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