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Cavallo Equestrian Bracelet from Style Mined

I was horse obsessed as a child and owned more My Little Ponies, Breyer Horses, and Fashion Star Fillies than you could imagine. I’ve always liked equestrian boots and accessories. I love to see how fashion incorporates equestrian influences.

I recently had the opportunity to try the Cavallo Equestrian Bracelet by Massi courtesy of Style Mined. I jumped at it because I don’t really own a lot of bracelets and I love the style of this one.. I chose the black / gunmetal, because it goes with most of my wardrobe. It also comes in bordeaux / gold, grey / gold, navy / gold, and grey / rhodium.


Cavallo Equestrian Bracelet in Black / Gunmetal

Cavallo Equestrian Bracelet in Black / Gunmetal

Grey and Rhodium

Grey and Rhodium – Image Courtesy of Style Mined

Grey and Gold

Grey and Gold – Image Courtesy of Style Mined

Navy and Gold

Navy and Gold – Image Courtesy of Style Mined

Bordeaux and Gold

Bordeaux and Gold – Image Courtesy of Style Mined

Massi Black Equestrian Bracelet

Massi Black Equestrian Bracelet

I absolutely love the side detailing. This bracelet is comfortable to wear. It’s also extremely well made and sturdy.

I’ve been wearing it with black shirts, jeans and black wedges. I’ve also received a lot of compliments on it being unusual, with its black on black design. I’m very happy with the Cavallo Equestrian Bracelet and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a cool and unusual accessory.

What’s your favorite type of bracelet or cuff? Would you wear an equestrian inspired accessory?

Product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • JediAnastasia

      That’s gorgeous, it’s nice to see something so unusual and available in a pretty wide range, although I’m not fond of the gold ones.
      I’m a sucker for charm bracelets even though I don’t own one, but I love this leash-and-chain style.

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        JediAnastasia Yeah I feel it has a subtle, yet sexy flair!

    • UneLuneBleue

      I like the one you chose best as well, I’d wear it. I don’t have a lot of bracelets, but in general I just don’t like anything tight on my wrist, which is why I never wear a watch. This looks like something I’d be comfortable in, and looks fab on you, sweets!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        UneLuneBleue I can’t wear something if I’m typing, but when I go out I love to have one :) Glad you like it!

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