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Peels and How They Work

This post is a guest post.

Skin peels have been a beauty buzz-word for many years and now command an army of A-list fans who swear by their anti-ageing results. Celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow swear by regular peels to rejuvenate the skin.


Chemical peels are a safe, highly effective way to revitalise the skin and reduce the damage caused by ageing and over exposure to sun, amongst other things.  They work by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow, leading to a fresher, more radiant complexion. They polish and resurface the skin, treating problems such as wrinkles and lines, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage. Whatever your skin dilemma, there’s sure to be a peel to suit.

How do Peels Work?

Peels work by gently rubbing the skin with a non-toxic chemical solution to remove the unwanted top layer. This encourages collagen production and cell renewal to reveal age-defying, healthier, younger-looking skin.

Some peels can lead to light swelling of the affected area or peeling of the skin for a few days after the procedure. A trained expert can give you the advice you need and a peel to suit you, devising a tailored treatment plan to achieve optimum results.

What Type of Peel Suits Me?

There are a range of different peels to treat different skin problems and conditions. Typically, a skin peel is classified as light, medium or deep, or has the following names:

A Jessner’s Peel is a light skin peel that uses a combination of ingredients mixed into a single formula to smooth and rejuvenate skin. Excellent for all skin types, it can treat mild to severe acne, discolouration, moderate wrinkling and sun damage.

A TCA Peel is a skin peel is a deeper peel that successfully treats sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and acne scarring. This type of chemical peel sloughs off the upper layers of the skin eliminating superficial wrinkles, smoothing rough patches and removing spots and pigmentation.

A Glycolic Peel is the strongest peel, which stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin by sloughing off the top layers of dead skin leaving your skin smoother and brighter looking. This type of chemical peel penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin, stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production. A Glycolic Peel skin peel is effective for treating sun spots, acne scars, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. The result is baby-soft new skin, popular with celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna who want a red-carpet glow.

Side Effects

You will experience a mild prickling sensation during treatments. Treatment may make the skin slightly red for a short time, this is often more obvious in those with fair skin. Most people who have this treatment to their skin find they have no side-effects afterwards. For up to a week , you may notice skin flaking as the treatment sheds dead cells. This is normal and after that, the skin will settle and the glowing results will show through.

Things to remember

Choosing the right chemical peel is critical because harsh ingredients used on the face can cause significant burns or damage to the skin. Before selecting a chemical peel, make sure you understand your skin allergies and behaviours, consult a dermatologist or professional company like MYA (they do a full range of cosmetic procedures like facial cosmetics, teeth whitening and ultrasonic liposuction and research the side effects of home self-treatments available. Home treatment peels are to be used at your own risk.

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    • lady_destiny_10

      Hi ! TCA peel is actually A LOT stronger than Glycolic !

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        lady_destiny_10 Good to know! I had no idea. It’s disappointing that the post got it wrong becuase I was expecting this to be something I could learn from. My dermatologist has recommended peels as the best way to remove hyperpigmentation from my skin, so I thought learning more about them would be beneficial.

        • lady_destiny_10

          Phyrra lady_destiny_10 I do Glycolic peels every week, one week I’ll do a 30% one and the other week 50%. I also do 15% TCA peels once a month but only on one of my cheek where I have really bad scaring because this stuff litteraly PEELS your skin and it is not a pretty sight ! Glycolic peels don’t truly peel, it may feel a little dryer or red but that’s about it. I really recommend them, my skin looks a lot better than before and my scars, especially the pitted ones are not as bad as they were !

    • http://fullofrivol.blogspot.com/ EmmyJean

      I’ve heard that people with rosacea shouldn’t get chemical peels; do you know if is this true?

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        EmmyJean I have rosacea and specifically my dermatologist told me that chemical peels are only way for me to remove the hyperpigmentation and improve the texture of the skin  where I do have damage from my rosacea. Of course, I do think that she means I should have the peels done in her office, performed by her, due to how sensitive skin with rosacea can be.

        • http://fullofrivol.blogspot.com/ EmmyJean

          Thank you! I’ve been considering having treatment (chemical peel or IPL) done for sun damage, but I also have some permanent redness issues too. I guess I’m too scared of doing more harm than good so I’m not doing anything! (Btw sorry if I’m asking too much about rosacea; no one I know has it)

          • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

            EmmyJean No worries! Definitely talk to youer dermatologist. I’ve been using the Le Metier de Beaute peel and mask set with no issues. I haven’t noticed any fading, but it’s more of a process to pull out impurities and brighten the skin, which it does. It hasn’t made my hyperpigmentation or bad texture change.
            I will be going to get a professional chemical peel done eventually, I’m just not sure when and what type, but I will report on it when I do.

          • http://fullofrivol.blogspot.com/ EmmyJean

            I look forward to it! (Not that I think you need it; your complexion is so flawless looking!)

    • UneLuneBleue

      I’ve been considering possibly getting a peel done to even my skin tone, but haven’t seriously looked into it yet. Honestly the idea frightens me a bit too, the pain, the possibility it won’t be worth the pain, cost etc. Can’t wait to see what peel you end up choosing eventually.

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    • JodieBaker

      Check out http://www.homepeel.com.au if you want to get a good quality skin peel that you do yourself at home. They are an Australian company and have been selling their peels online for over 6 years. They have 2 main options the ‘Green Herb Skin Peel’ - that is an intense 5 day peel that offers amazing results. Or the ‘Fortnightly Fruit Peel’ this peel offers instant results with no down time PLUS you add to it your own fresh fruit. Its fantastic!