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Urban Decay – the Theodora Palette – Are You a Bad Witch?

Urban Decay was inspired by the new Disney film, Oz The Great and Powerful to create the Theodora palette. One of my favorite actresses, Mila Kunis, plays Theodora. (Check out my review of the Glinda the Good Witch Palette.) This limited edition palette is all about the bad witch! This set includes “duo-shades” that are split in half, with a different color on each side of the pan. They also come with a travel-size 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil and a Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color pencil.

Urban Decay Disney Oz the Great and Powerful the Theodora Palette

The Theodora palette has design of darkness around the edges, encroaching on the bright skyscape in the center.

Urban Decay Disney Oz the Great and Powerful the Theodora Palette

The Theodora Palette – $49.00

Urban Decay Disney Oz the Great and Powerful the Theodora Palette Swatches and Review

Urban Decay Disney Oz the Great and Powerful the Theodora Palette Swatches and Review

Top Row: Broken, Beware, Bewitch, Theodora lip pencil
Middle Row: Zero eyeliner
Bottom Row: West, Spell, Jealous

Urban Decay Disney Oz the Great and Powerful the Theodora Palette Swatches and Review

Pale cream satin
My Take
Light creamy beige.

Warm brown matte
My Take
Deep warm caramel brown matte. Of the mattes, this is my favorite shade.

Dark charcoal brown satin
My Take
Deeper neutral brown.

Deep metallic brown shimmer
My Take
Dark metallic brown.

Urban Decay Disney Oz the Great and Powerful the Theodora Palette Swatches and Review

Black satin with green and gold shimmer
Gold metallic with tonal glitter
My Take
Satiny black with green sparkles and slight golden-green iridescence. I really like this shade!
Yellow-toned gold, reminiscent of El Dorado, with gold glitter. Sadly, it had fallout.

Pale green pearl
Dark green pearl
My Take
Iridescent green. This is fun when you layer it on top of the black Spell shade.
Midtone green with yellow undertones.

Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (.10 oz)
Bright red cream
My Take
Glossy red.

Zero 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil (.03 oz, Travel-sized)
My Take
Matte black liner.

Urban Decay Disney Oz the Great and Powerful the Theodora Palette Swatches and Review

The eyeshadows total $108 for .05 oz each. The lip pencil is .10 oz for $19. The travel size pencil is .03 for about $14. Typically the Build Your Own Palette costs $18 and comes with the Walk of Shame eyeshadow (a great nude skintone shade for blending out the edges of color) and a travel size eyeshadow brush.  Depending on the value that you assign the LE palette packaging, the total value for each set is between $141 – $159. To me, this is a great deal for $49, especially if you’re a fan of the Wizard of Oz and love the packaging.

Urban Decay Oz Theodora Tutorial


This set also comes with a sultry tutorial to evoke the bad girl, Theodora.

Urban Decay Oz Theodora Tutorial

Do you need this palette?
I have a feeling that between the two palettes, Glinda and Theodora, this is the palette that will be the most popular. It’s got a ton of brown shades. If you’re a fan of Urban Decay, of the Wizard of Oz or brown shades, you need this palette! The only color I’m not fond of is the gold Spell shade that has gold glitter with icky fallout. Additionally, in my opinion, this set is a great value for the price of $49.

With this palette, my favorite shades are the black Spell shade and both shades of the Jealous shade. When you layer the lighter, iridescent Jealous green on top of the black Spell, it really brings out the iridescence in Spell. I also like the Theodora lip pencil. And of course, the tutorial is great! I am so pleased that Urban Decay included ‘Get the Look’ cards. I really love those!

What do you think of the Urban Decay Theodora Palette?

Product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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    • lareessa

      wow! Very difficult to choose between the good witch and the bad witch! I think I want to be a witch dual personality, will be both Glinda as Theodora!

    • SaraBaker10

      Love this palette, the colors are gorgeous..It shall be mine :)
      Sara x

    • Sabina

      Such a pretty palette! Please do a tutorial :). I love the Theodora lip colour.

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    • daisygirl2013

      would love to see a tutorial!!!  :) 
      thanks for all of the great makeup reviews.  I love a blogger that isnt afraid to speak the truth about products!  :)

    • daisygirl2013

      this is a beautiful palette!  Might have to put this on my wishlist!

    • DiscordantFlesh

      All I think is wow Disney really… cant think of anything new? Another remake of an old fairy tale (sigh)

    • IvoryandOlive

      My name is Kim.  I have a weakness.  As soon as I hear Limited Edition, I feel I must have it.  So far, there is no cure.

    • manicuredslayer

      Since I just saw Wicked, I will DEFINITELY get both sets!! LOVE LOVE LOVE and I can’t wait to see the movie!
      Thanks for the review–I wasn’t 100% sure until I saw the swatches….*swoon*

    • MelodyValek

      Pretty!  I ordered the Glinda palette but I’m not sure if I can resist this one.  This is one of the most interesting spring releases imo.

    • abcdefghijadzia

      I went with Glinda, because it’s more in the wheelhouse for my skintone and makeup style, but I want this one now too, damnit, Urban Decay.

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    • akklya

      Oh my goodness!  I loved this!  This really made me want to buy more than the actual website and also gave a much better description and the pictures were more real to life.  I am so happy i get to see all the colors along with the swatches and the reviews are perfectly descriptive.  I am hesitant because of the price and the loose glittery one but you have definitely sold me on the rest!!!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        akklya I bought one of these for a giveaway and I gifted one to a friend. I tihnk it’s an awesome palette :)