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New Shades of Meow Volume 1

Meow Cosmetics has just released a new collection called Shades of Meow, Volume 1.

Meow Cosmetics Shades of Meow Vol. 1

Red Means Stop – dark russet with silky sheen
Pain – metallic bronze gold with satin finish
Submission – golden metallic mocha
Handcuffs – metallic silver / iridescent taupe
Bondage – midnight blue with silver metallic shine
Dominatrix – blue grape hyacinth with metallic satiny finish with purple sparkle
Pleasure – deep forest green iridescent sheen
Kink – bright metallic olive
Spanx – aubergine with metallic pink sheen
Hardcore – dark teal with silver sheen

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    • UneLuneBleue

      Can’t wait to see swatches, some of these look promising.