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Your e-library needs more awesome.

Hey everyone! I’m Anastasia, I used to run the Lipsticks & Lightsabers blog but recently retired. Phyrra has been kind enough to let me guest-post over here occasionally, so you may see me from time to time.

If you’re anything like me, you probably walk around with a mugger’s dream of personal electronics upon your person. I recently upgraded to a Kindle Paperwhite, and considering how fragile the screens are, I was looking for a hardcover case that wasn’t completely boring. I’ve always been a fan of using GelaSkins on my devices, you can get plenty of awesome or custom-print skins or sleeves, but protection was an issue and I couldn’t find any remotely nerdy hard-cover cases on the internet. I’d given up and started looking up DIY advice to try and cobble my own together when a friend linked me to this Etsy shop, The 2 Sisters Shoppe.


The 2 Sisters Shoppe makes soft and hard-cover cases, sleeves and bags for all manner of e-readers, tablets and laptops. In addition to a lot of pretty prints, they also have several licensed Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Hello Kitty fabrics. They do different styles of cases (hard and soft cover, ones which include stands for tablets, carry-straps, sleeves, etc) and also make purses, bags and wallets as well.


I spotted this Marvel Comic-Cover print hard-cover case, and sent the 2 Sisters Shoppe an Etsy convo to ask if it would be possible to change the part of the fabric used for the front cover. Since I’m not a Captain America fan, I asked if it would be possible to have another character front-and-centre and not feature him as much. They got back to me within the hour, saying yes that was possible and including a photograph so I could see the entire pattern of the fabric. I was able to pick and specify the part I’d most prefer to have used (and the parts to avoid) in the comments section at checkout when I bought it. They also didn’t charge me any extra for this change, which I thought was really nice.

I paid $27 for the case, and $17 for shipping via a USPS Priority International Flat Rate envelope. I ordered on January 1st, it was shipped on January 19th, which was in-keeping with their TAT at the time, especially since I requested custom changes. It arrived this morning, after being unfortunately held hostage by customs.

Here it is!

Covers Inside spine Side

I absolutely love my new case. The build quality seems really high, I can’t see any stitching or loose threads, corners, fraying fabric or anything. It feels sturdy; the front, back and spine are all reinforced with chipboard to keep it flat and protective, it’s fleece padded to keep it soft and then covered with the fabric. There’s extra padding inside to cushion the device. The ‘hinges’ between the spine and the front and back covers don’t have the chipboard and are very flexible. It’s holding its shape perfectly, stays closed with the elastic tie, and the elastic ties in the corners are holding my kindle firmly in place. This case doesn’t have the auto-sleep/wake feature that some do, but that’s easily remedied by glueing a small magnet to the case so it touches the lower right hand corner of the kindle when it’s closed. That’s how the auto-sleep/wake cases work.

I love the parts of the pattern they used, you can see in the pictures there’s barely a trace of Captain America, and they included the Wolverine and X-Men parts I asked for. I love that mine is a little bit more unique for being able to choose the bits I wanted. I’m totally delighted with its aesthetic, quality and construction. I loved the idea of having a case for my kindle that looked like it was made of old comic covers, to me it’s like a subversion of the old stereotype of hiding your comic behind the sensible textbook to read in school.

I think The 2 Sisters Shoppe did an amazing job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else who wants to have superheroes, Jedi knights or time lords protect their electronics.

Disclaimer-y stuff:

This product was purchased by me, Jedi Ana/Anastasia. The shop has no idea I’ve written this little review at the time of posting. I don’t get anything if you shop there (except happiness if you like your purchase). All opinions contained herein are my own, and do not in any way reflect Phyrra’s, ’cause she doesn’t have an awesome Marvel comic kindle case. Nyer.

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    • ChantelEldredge

      I am now sad that I bought a fintie case for mine when I could have had this epicness. Love it!

      • JediAnastasia

        ChantelEldredge I’m sorry! I searched honestly for hours and never found them, my friend looked for 4 minutes and was all “hey is this what you’re looking for?”. Hopefully we can avert this disaster for other e-reader owners and make them wider-known.

    • Hipstermama

      I wish I’d known about this shop when I got my Paperwhite case. Mine has that old-timey book look to it, but it’s not this level of awesome. Well, I guess I just need another cover. You know, for the change in seasons.

      • JediAnastasia

        Hipstermama Yeah! There’s a lot of the old-timey book style ones I found on Etsy, but I couldn’t find this awesome place until my friend showed me. Yes, I have also heard that kindle cases are seasonal. Totally justifiable spending.

    • Hipstermama

      Also, I’m glad to see you writing again Ana!

      • JediAnastasia

        Hipstermama Thanks! It’s nice to be able to just guest-post when I feel like I have something to share. It takes the pressure off :)

    • beautywithbrain

      That is such a cool case! I think it’s time I buy a new one for my Kindle…
      And I agree with Hipstermama, it’s really nice to see you writing again.

      • JediAnastasia

        beautywithbrain I love it! They have an impressive range of fabrics, too. And thank you :) it’s nice to be able to write, too.

    • ChristieBrooks

      First of all AHHHHHHHH! I am so glad to see this post from you, I have missed you terribly. Second, that is a completely awesome shop. Love your case!

      • JediAnastasia

        ChristieBrooks XD Thank you! *Hugs* it’s really nice of Phyrra to let me contribute in such a stress-free way. It IS a completely awesome shop! I almost wish I had a tablet, too, so I could get a Star Wars case.

    • Jupiternames

      Yuhhs! It’s Anastasia :D
      I bought my super basic kindle and iPod GelaSkins because of your review. I’m loving all the Star Wars stuff in that shop, and I’m so glad you could find a low-stress way of telling us about them.

      • JediAnastasia

        Jupiternames Thank you ^-^ ohhh, I love me some GelaSkins. I still use them even though there’s UK companies because I really think they’re the best, although I’m gutted they stopped collaborating with Marvel. They only offer scratch-protection though ofc, and after my kindle 4 became incredibly easily damaged I realised I needed a hard case for it if it was going to be in my bag. I decided not to skin my Paperwhite because the unit is so sleek and gorgeous on its own, so I’m delighted to have a case that reflects my style :) I hope you find an excuse to Star Warsian up some of yours :D

    • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi M

      Yaaay! It’s nice to see you around. I just have a cheap, ugly case for my Kindle. It’s time i looked into something better, so thank you for the recommendation! Oh, and how do you like the Paperwhite? I wish they had it when I bought my Kindle. The built-in light seems so handy.

      • JediAnastasia

        Jessi M I *love* it. I didn’t realise it was also replacing the kindle touch, but it did. Honestly, I miss the page turn buttons on the sides and I wish it still had those but it’s all touch-screen. The touch screen works very well, it’s very responsive, although if you have a very large e-library (mine is around 200+) it takes an incredibly long time to get to what you want using the thumbnail display. You can still make collections, but you can’t set thumbnails for them which is a bit visually disappointing. You can still use the text list view which makes navigation easier. You can use the touchscreen without getting it all fingerprint-y and unreadable.
        The light is just… I mean, it’s annoying that it’s something that wasn’t in the original kindle really, because it seems like something so bloody fundamental and necessary. It is INCREDIBLY useful. I don’t like the look of the high-contrast when the light is on high (recommended in light rooms) so I always have it on low, because I prefer the softer look of the original kindle screen when I’m using it during the day. At night I also have the light on a low setting, as low as possible to be comfortable to read by. It is extremely convenient, good if you sleep with a partner you don’t want to wake with having the light on, or tend to fall asleep while reading, or don’t want a bulb glaring in the corner of your eye, etc etc. The lighting is very even, it’s not 100% perfect but all reading areas of the screen should have soft, perfectly even light on most of the settings. There’s a lot of light settings. Enough for you to get the light vs comfort for your eyes level just right, I think, and it’s easy to adjust if you change environment.
        It is noticeably (to me) heavier than the kindle 4, but breathtakingly beautiful in comparison. The back is all soft-feel stuff, the front is some other material that I love. It looks beautiful. I actually decided I didn’t want to skin it (and I skin everything! Even my games consoles and controllers are skinned!) because of how sleek the unit is, and wonderfully the bright comic case still makes it have a lot of style. 
        I couldn’t justify the upgrade to Paperwhite when I owned a functioning Kindle, but fortunately for me over Christmas while my Kindle 4 was still under warranty, a big grey splotch spontaneously appeared on the screen. Amazon customer service regarding kindles is AMAZING – probably to avoid a law suit, because the kindle screens are EXTREMELY delicate. It took about 2 minutes in a Live Chat on Amazon Help, answering “No” to – “Has the kindle ever been dropped, pressure applied to the display or exposed to water?” and I was told that the rep had instantly sent out a replacement Kindle to me next-day delivery. I returned my damage unit, sold my new replacement one on eBay, and then bought a Paperwhite, making the cost to upgrade not quite so bad! I don’t regret it at all.
        I love these cases, although I should have mentioned in the post that they don’t have the auto-sleep function that some do when you close the case. I don’t think any handmade cases do that, but it’s worth pointing out!

        • JediAnastasia

          Jessi M So that was kind of long. In case people are reading the comments, would anyone be interested in me writing a Kindle Paperwhite review? I can do it from a vs Kindle 4 perspective since that’s all the comparative experience I have.

          • http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com/ Jessi M

            Jedi Ana Jessi M Thank you so much for your response! A Kindle Paperwhite review would be awesome- especially since you already have a draft of one here!
            My Kindle still works so I can’t justify a Paperwhite right now, but if anything happens to mine I’ll definitely get one. I’m not so sure how I feel about the touch screen function. I like pushing the button to turn the page! 
            I’ve found Amazon’s customer service to be exceptional even in regards to products that aren’t theirs. They let me return a monitor with one dead pixel even though the manufacturer said up to three are to be expected. They didn’t ask any questions and sent me a new monitor before I even sent the old one back.

    • Marie_Ella

      Yay for Ana being on here! <3
      I just switched to a Paperwhite Kindle and I love it, although I do miss the side buttons like you do. But the not being able to read in the dark was really upsetting me with the regular Kindle, and the little clip-on led lamp I had got didn’t work great: it would reflect on the screen and not lighten the whole surface of it. So I’m very happy with the new one, I have it with me all the time.

      • JediAnastasia

        Marie_Ella Yeah I always thought the lack of a built-in light was ridiculous. I do love the way they’ve done the paperwhite’s light, the huge amount of control you have on it, so it can still be gentle on your eyes which was my whole point in owning a kindle. And thank you :) I’m glad my friends can still find me here!

    • UneLuneBleue

      Annnnaaaaaaaaa! Hello love!
      I love your new case, it’s so ‘you’. I just have a zippered pouch for my Kindle that I carry it around in. I don’t have anything fancy for my new(ish) Samsung Tablet though, so I might just have to shop here. Thanks for the great review, I love that they were so willing to work with you to get the perfect case made just for you!

      • Jedi Ana

        UneLuneBleue Thank you Blue :) Yes, it is very me haha. It could only be more me if it was Rogue x Gambit :3 
        They do have cases that work as stands as well for tablets, which are pretty cool. Let me know if you shop there! I always hope everyone’s experience is as positive as mine was. I was really pleased they accommodated my request too, especially since I thought it was a bit odd. But the result is a more unique and more awesome case :D

    • yerawizard_kristen

      Anastasia! I have missed your blog! I’m so happy to see you guest posting on Phyrra’s blog. I love the cover, it is so cool that they were able to customize it for you (I also am not a huge Captain America fan, haha). I’ll have to check out their shop!

      • Jedi Ana

        yerawizard_kristen Thanks Kristen :) I was really pleased with it, too. Boo Captain America, only his leg appears in the corners a few times. I was surprised how well they managed it because he was next to all the good characters (Storm, Magneto, Iron Man) on the pattern. If you do check them out, I hope your experience is as good as mine was :)