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Makeup Wars Pampering at Home

Makeup Wars At Home Spa Day
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It’s time for another Makeup Wars! This week we’re discussing At Home Spa Products. Here are the products that I want when I’m having a Spa Day at home. Typically for me to have a spa day or pamper myself, it requires at least 3 things: a relaxing bath, some of my favorite music, and candles. Over the past 5 years I’ve started incorporating masks, peels and other skincare products into my ritual. Here are my current favorites for a Spa Day.

Le Metier de Beaute CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set
Every time I reach for this peel and mask set I feel pampered. I absolutely love it! I feel like it makes my skin look amazing. It’s definitely a splurge for me, but it makes my skin glow.

Target Red Velvet Cupcake Candle
Any candle you love will be good. There are a lot of scents I love but this one is really nice to me. Lighting a candle helps me to relax.

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Bath Soak – Stress Relief Vanilla Verbena
Bath salts or bubble bath, depending on my mood, is one of the most perfect ways to relax.

Honeycat Cosmetics Blood Sudz Shower Gel
Yes it’s technically a shower gel but I’ve used it for a bubble bath. It smells soooo good.

gud Pearanormal Activity Body Butter
After soaking in hot water, I like to slather on body butter to keep my skin moisturized and smelling good.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
After doing a great peel and mask, I want to stick on a serum chock full of antioxidants.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator
Then I finish with a great moisturizer. I particularly love this one because it doesn’t require a separate eye cream.

To really get into a relaxed state, I sometimes put on music. What I listen to depends upon my mood, but I often play Voltaire Boo Hoo or Almost Human.

See what the rest of the Makeup Wars Beauty Bloggers are into for at Home Spa Day pampering.

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    • perilouslypale

      I’m dying to try that LMdB peel!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        perilouslypale That peel set is so expensive but so nice! I am going through mine slowly.

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    • blushingnoir

      omg the LMdB is totally the best.  I adore it!  I also love the Aromatherapy BBW Bath Soak.  Eucalyptus Spearmint always has a place in my house!

    • oldergirlbeauty

      Pearanormal Activity is my FAVORITE gud scent – when I first saw it at Target, I was a fool & walked around the store smelling it for like an hour.

    • 9thmoon

      Homemade olive oil sugar scrub with essential oils in it. Mmmmm.

    • Marcia beauty info zone

      Oh I wish I had the Le Metier de Beaute mask. That would make my day quite luxurious.

    • KatieFrank_x

      Those products all sound amazing. My budget only stretches as far as cheap face masks from the local supermarket at present, but I can’t wait until I finally get a job and can afford to pamper myself properly!

    • themakeupblogger

      I am going to have to try that mask! it sounds amazing (and I am a mask freak!).

    • pammyblogbeauty

      Great music selection as well as products! :) I am also a fan of Bath and Body Work’s aromatherapy line! Paula’s Resist line is amazing, too! I just tested it. Oh, and that Le Metier peel and mask set, swoon!

    • PrimeBeauty50

      I need to the Paula’s Resist line. Love a good bubble bath!

    • http://www.geniabeme.com/ geniabeme

      I want to try the peel too! I love face peels! I also loved how you added a candle to your home pampering, I need to do that!


      I love your pampering ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!