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Updates to my Disclosure Policy & More

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As you know, I recently posted about “Bloggers Speak Out About Changes to the FTC Guidelines on How to Make Effective Disclosures.” I compiled a list of my fellow bloggers who had posted on the subject. I also listed off what my Dislcosures are and what they mean.

I wanted to highlight 2 articles because I have received a vast multitude of emails and questions on this subject:
1. How to Make Disclosure Buttons for WordPress – Beauty & Fashion Tech
2. How to Make Disclosure Buttons for Blogger – 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

I also want to encourage you to read my Disclosure policy, as I gave it a complete overhaul. My Disclosure page covers my Disclaimer, Disclosure, Privacy Policy, Reviews, Advertorial or Sponsored Posts, Site & Content Use, Affiliate Links, Advertising, Commenting Policy, Cookies & 3rd Party Advertising.

You are always welcome to email me with questions or concerns about any of the above. You can also email me with review requests or tutorial requests!

And, as always, I would love your thoughts on this subject! Do you feel your favorite bloggers are making the effort to be transparent? I definitely feel like mine are :)

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    • cmalmat

      Good post. I’ve been thinking about starting a little blog of my own, and while I doubt I’ll have any samples provided to me, it’s good to know what’s what for the new disclosure rules. Very helpful!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        cmalmat Yes, it’s very important to make sure that you’re complying with the law.