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Makeup Lover Meetup

Makeup Lovers Meetup I Have Nothing to DiscloseAffiliate Links

So twice while being here in Indiana, I met up with some fellow makeup lovers. Two of the ladies you may recognize from Tick:Tock Cosmetics. The first time we met up we had lunch at Claddagh and then went off for a brief shopping trip at Ulta.

me and my katie

The second time we met up, we had far more time! We also had a ‘bring your C/Katie’ to lunch with you, as my friend Katie came with me, Catie came with Elizabeth, and Tiffany brought her friend Katie.

We had lunch at Claddagh again, but they completely changed their menu! The food was nice, but the carrot cake was amazing! I highly recommend it. I’ve only had 1 carrot cake that was better, and it’s a vegan carrot cake from a restaurant back in Tampa.

After lunch, we all went shopping and hung out for several hours and talked makeup. It was nice! The weather wasn’t too cold, though it was a bit rainy.

I ended up purchasing some bubble bath and gemstones for makeup from Ulta. There were some great deals on the clearance aisle. If you’re ever in doubt, go check it out. Lots of things were marked down to 99 cents.

Have you scored any good makeup deals lately? Have you hung out with any other makeup lovers recently?

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    • ChristieBrooks

      What a gorgeous group of ladies!

    • RebeccaRussell

      Awww…yay! I get to meet up with Elizabeth and some of the Pacific Northwest ladies in June and I can’t wait!!

    • Elizabeth Christjansen

      I had such a great time! It was wonderful to meet you!

    • CatieSpicer

      I had so much fun! It was great to meet and get to know you a little bit. I hope we can meet up again at some point!

    • kissmysparkle

      It tickles me pink to see all of your beautiful faces together!!!

    • raynekitten

      I love it.. I totally wish i could get makeup meetups out where i live.. just still making friends in the makeup communities.

    • kissmysparkle

      I don’t know if any of your readers are in Colorado, but we’re totally starting blogger/makeup aficionado meetups in the Front Range area if anyone wants to meet other makeup lovers!