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Mint and Black Outfit

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On Sunday I taught a Twitter class for Beauty and Fashion bloggers in Orlando. Since it was a relaxed environment, I decided to wear a comfortable black and mint outfit. Ray took a few pictures of us as we were getting started.

Teaching Twitter

Top: Black Shirt from Target
Capri Pants: Mint Capri Pants from Kohls
Necklace: Fluorescent Blue and Green Kumihimo Necklace with Shell Pendant from Quiet Mischief
Shoes: Black Crocs Wedge Sandals

Yes, I love black with everything. Black and mint, black and coral, black and fuchsia, you get the picture. I think black looks great with mint.

Ultimately, getting up in front of a group of people – half I knew and half I didn’t know – makes me nervous and uncomfortable but I’ve spent the past year and a half pushing myself repeatedly to break out of my comfort zone. I feel I did a great job at stretching my boundaries. I really enjoyed teaching the class. Even with all the preperation that I did, I was concerned that I’d have enough material to fill up two hours. However, with questions, I had no issues with that time, and I could have kept going for longer. In fact, I did, over dinner and drinks.

As yesterday was Cinco de Mayo (Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo), downtown Orlando was packed in the streets celebrating. We took ourselves to a more quiet locale to have dinner and a few margaritas. Then we took off to visit with friends and play with kittens (what day isn’t made better with cute kittens?) before coming back to Tampa.

What would you wear to teach a Twitter class? What have you done recently to push your boundaries?

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    • Sandy615

      Hi Phyrra,
      that outfit looks terrific on you! I love the mint capris, too. And, since I am from NY, I basically live in black even down here in Florida in the summer 9do we have another season, anyway?) 
      I think one of the reasons black is so flattering on you is your lovely, creamy skin tone. I typically get that remark, so I take it as a compliment. 
      And…thanks for the pic of Phaedra. She looks beautiful, as always. 
      Happy to hear the class went well. Pushing oneself out of their comfort zone is a great growing tool and experience. Next time you speak in front of people, I’m sure you will recall this class and both consciously and subconsciously, and that next occasion will be easier for you.
      Take care,

    • Pinkpamalamma

      I looooove those mint capris!!

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