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Happy Birthday!

Tokidoki Rainbow Birthday Cake

Today is my actual birthday! I just had to share a quick picture of the birthday cake that Ray and Dave got me for my birthday. They had a tokidoki themed rainbow cake made for me! It’s delicious!

I wanted to also wish a happy birthday to Vampy Varnish, Killer Lipgloss, and my friends Ryan and Leith, as we all share the same birthday!

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    • ChristieBrooks

      What an adorable cake! Happy birthday sweetie :)

    • budgetsplurgebeauty

      oh my gosh I can’t even believe I almost share a birthday with you and vampy varnish! My birthday was yesterday :) Happy birthday!!!!

    • Meliv

      Happy Birthday to you ! Hope your day was as wonderful as your cake looked :D

    • Sandy615

      Hey Phyrra, Happy 21st and many, many more! Mine was the 15th and I wanted strawberry shortcake, but got none. I’ll dream of your beautiful cake instead. Enjoy!!!

    • Nicola Bird

      Happy birthday x

    • Doria Miyata Murphy

      Super cute and happy birthday!!!

    • Stephanie N Torres

      super cool!

    • Emily Penn

      Ahhhhh a cake that’s as cute and colorful as you are! Happy birthday!!

    • Kathy McCrae

      <3 Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday!!!

    • Oirzumi Rae Jin

      happy birthday

    • Kawal Khan

      happy birthday :)

    • Celeste M. Roberts

      Happy Birthday, Phyrra! Ray knows you so well!

    • Lulu Jimenez

      Too cute Happy B-day!

    • Suzie Gunib

      Happy brday..

    • Annisa Ciijasmiinalwayslupforever

      rainbow cake… emmm ,, nice,,,

    • Dainie Johnson Oligee

      Happy Birthday!!!!!

    • Tea M Bugarin

      happy birthday! all the best! :)

    • Sarah Barnes

      Happy Birthday

    • Saidie Pena

      like u style

    • Carla Donaldson

      Wishing u the best birthday ;)

    • Nour Elammar

      happy birthday sweety

    • Angela Vento Pfeiffer

      Cute cake – and happy birthday!

    • Lieselotte Meyer

      Happy birthday girl ♥

    • Shekeira Pearson

      Awe how sweet! Happy Birthday Darling!

    • BeautyByKrystal


    • Stephanie Sherman

      Happy birthday! What an amazing cake.

    • Nela Jalbuena Tan

      Happy Birthday Phyrra! Cheers!

    • Reham Alaa El-Din

      Happy Birthday :D :D

    • Amber Farhat

      Happy birthday!!

    • Emmy Bloomberg

      Happy birthday!!

    • ebdaun

      Happy birthday, your cake is adorable!

    • Raylene Barton

      Happy Birthday!

    • Holly Woolweaver

      Very cool! Happy birthday! I hope you’re reminded of all the reasons the world’s a better place because you’re in it. Love your style and beautiful spirit. :-)

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        @Holly Woolweaver Aww thank you!

    • Karen Robbins

      Happy Birthday! We are in Florida celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary! Boy, it’s hot and humid here!

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        @Karen Robbins I hope your anniversary is wonderful!

    • Sabrina Abreu

      Happy Birthday!!!

    • Itazura Na Kiss

      Happy birthday

    • Lori-Ann Gallagher Brammer

      Happy Birthday Phyrra!

    • Jen Prewitt

      That looks kinda amazing. He did good!!!!!

    • Jen Prewitt

      Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!!!

    • Jetta Williams-Jones

      Happy Birthday!

    • Beautiful Makeup Search

      Happy birthday! I really want a piece of that cake.

    • Andreana Yasmin Melaningsih

      Happy birthday Phyrra, ur cake is awesome

    • Princess Samoka

      happy birthday … wish you happy life … enjoy and have a nice time

    • Schmetterling Mariposa

      Happy birthday!

    • Constanza Oller de Moore

      Happy Birthday!!

    • Leticia Managa

      thats a colourful cake must b delicious

    • Dawn Holstrom

      Happy Birthday!

    • Cin Seven

      so adorable!!! Great job, Ray & Dave.

    • Subhanali Akab

      happy birthday to u.

    • Charlotte Turley

      happy birthday and many more

    • Cuellar Patricia


    • Pragya Sharma

      Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day .. :)

    • Radhika Bains

      Oh good job Ray nd Dave

    • Farrah Leah Boone- Draculan

      hbd!NICE cake ^_^

    • Athira Malu

      have a nice day

    • Laddy Rakhra

      happy b”dayy dear! god bless uhhhhhhh

    • Phyrra

      Thank you :)

    • Athira Malu

      happy happy b day to u……………….

    • trumpette

      Happy Birthday! WOW – amazing cake!!!

    • Pooja Rajput

      happy b’day

    • Reena Khanderao

      Happy birthday…

    • Sarita Singh


    • Sahar Khan


    • Zoya Khan

      Happy bday….

    • Persia Paderes Bangero

      bday! godbless1

    • Mansi Verma

      h b.day

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    • autumntrinity

      Happy birthday, Phyrra!! Hope it was smashing!! That cake is wickedly awesome and looks ultra tasty! All the best for your new year! <3

      • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        autumntrinity Thank you!

    • Kritika Roy

      Happy b’day….

    • Smra Jesus


    • Samia Haleema

      may god bless u dear

    • Kusum K. Totad

      happy bdy…

    • Nav Kaur

      happy bdy 2 u

    • Sangram Cheema

      Many happy returns of the day

    • Daisy Shandling

      cutest cake ever!! :)

    • http://www.Phyrra.net/ Phyrra

      Thank you everyone!

    • Sophy Emma Smiley

      Awesome cake plus your birthday is one day before mine hooray for june babies :)

    • Rimjhim Singh

      wish u happy return of dis day

    • Krista Schwabe

      AH! I’m so sorry I missed it! Happy Birthday to one of the most gorgeous gals in the blogosphere :D

    • Kristin Gianfrancesco

      OMG…SOOO cute and looks super yummy!!