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Epic Sales at Hautelook This Week

Urban Decay, Tarina Tarantino, Sales

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There are some Epic Sales at Hautelook this week! I’m so excited because Tarina Tarantino is on sale on Friday, Urban Decay is on sale Thursday, and theBalm is on sale today at Hautelook! (8am Pacific/11am EST) Stila is currently on sale until 8am Pacific/11am EST on Thursday. Koh Gen Do is on sale until 8am Pacific/11am EST. If you’re interested in Lorac, they’re on sale until 8am Pacific/11am EST today. I can’t wait to see what’s available at Hautelook!

Do you shop at Hautelook?

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    • autumntrinity


    • autumntrinity

      those are some great sales! 
      i have shopped at hautelook in the past but have found recently that the extra charges end up being really expensive (shipping, handling, and other random charges) so i don’t end up getting the item on sale at all :(   i will try to find the item on ebay or i just don’t purchase…. can’t wait to hear about your Tarantino haul! i will definitely have to check it out myself! :) even though i won’t be purchasing! a girl can dream ;) *lol* (dramatic much?! LOL)   have a great mid-way of the week wednesday!

    • Quinctia

      I’ll peek at the UD sale but, with the way sale items have been popping up on their own site, I’ll probably only pounce on it if there’s something there that sold out before I had a chance to grab the shade.
      Or a backup Andromeda gloss. And, since it seems they’ve discontinued the Greed PP, debate the merits of getting more backups.