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Hottest Hairstyles for Spring 2014

Hottest Trendy Spring 2014 Hairstyles

I have nothing to disclose.

Variety is the trend for spring 2014 hairstyles. From up-dos to letting it all hang out, you’ll easily find the perfect trendy style to step out in come spring. Just thing fun, creative and sexy and you’ve got the trends covered. There’s something for every hair length and color, though red heads will definitely be feeling the love this season. Do some hairstyle spring cleaning and embrace some of the latest trendy 2014 hairstyles.

Messy Updo

Messy Up-dos
Forget about putting every hair in its place. Grab some hair pins and sweep your hair up in a messy up-do, leaving some wavy tendrils hanging. You can have some fun with this style by adding in braids, a bun, a french twist or even turning long hair into a temporary bob. Basically, make it look effortless and like you’ve been riding with the top down.


Messy Braided Updo

I love this messy braided updo!

Braids Are Back
Braids are not only classic, but they’re a staple in spring 2014 hairstyles. Whether you combine them with other trends or make them the focal point, you can’t go wrong with braids. However, you should make them look a little messy, instead of super sleek. Think of how a braid looks after a day at the beach and you’ll get the perfect look. Try mixing it up with different types of braids, from clunky to fishtail and everything in between.

Pretty Braids

As always, I urge you to visit Hair Romance for the best in hair tutorials! Christina has many unique braids and hairstyles to share. You’ll never have to wear the same style twice, unless you want to!

Low Pony Tail

The Low Pony
Super high cheerleader ponytails are out and sexy, low ponies are in. For best results, start the pony no higher than the nape of your neck. These usually look best with straight hair to avoid messy frizzing above the pony. Thick bands are the perfect match and keep the pony in place all day.

Straight Hair

Go Straight
Even though messy is all the rage, super straight hair is just as trendy. For girls who are always trying to get more body in their locks, now is your time to shine. The stick straight style is a must have. Just make sure you add a little shine serum so your locks really stand out.

Beach Babe Hair

Beach Babe
Waves always seem to be in and spring 2014 is no exception. Give you hair that beach babe look with soft waves. Mix this with a partial messy up-do for a stunning look.

Mix It Up Hair

Mix It Up
Waves, straight hair, messy hair – it’s all trendy, but which should you choose? Mixed texture hair is a major trend for spring hair. Go half straight, half wavy or half messy, half straight. Whatever you do, just mix it up a bit.

Severe Side Part

Severe Side Part
Most of the trendy 2014 hairstyles have one thing in common – a severe side part. Part your hair two inches or more from your normal center part. You can mix this style with pretty much any other or just go natural with a different part.

Layered Hair

The main overall trend for spring 2014 hairstyles is relaxed and simple. Your hair shouldn’t look over done. Have fun and play around with accessories, especially gold ones as these not only stand out, but are huge on the runways right now. Of course, I prefer my spiked and gemmed accessories, like the ones I purchased from Bunny Paige. Hair of all lengths is in, so feel free to experiment with all the different trends to find which ones work best for you.

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    • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com Clever Girl Reviews

      I’m all for messy buns and side parts! Or beach hair because that’s what my hair looks like with 0 product or styling :)

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      The messy Up-dos are my favorite!

    • Nidia Doherty

      Finally, my messy hair will be in style! lol. Great ideas, too.

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      I love the updo’s and braids! I hardly ever wear my hair down, so finding new ways to get hair out of my face (while looking decent) is perfect!

    • http://www.manifestdestany.com/ Destany

      Yay! Messy hair = my hair. It’s so fine I rarely brush it, so it always has a slight disheveled look about it hahaha

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      Yay for braids!

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      I love a messy up do!

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      I’m loving braids- I like pulling them to make them look fuller

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      Hairstyles you say? I keep staring at those girls’ makeup :)

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      I love the beach babe look.

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      LOVE those braids! And the super sleek straight look!

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      I’ve always wanted beach babe hair!

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      I love the updos!

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      Love all the updos and the beachy hair

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      I love messy up-do’s and frequently do them!

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      Messy updos and low ponytail- my everyday kind of hairstyle

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      OOOoooh I love all the braided updos! So pretty!

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        you need to visit Hair Romance and try her tutorials :)

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      so many beautiful hair styles and omg love the makeup in the top photos, gorgeous!

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        That one really drew me in, too! The makeup + braids = perfection

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          Well I think they are worth every dollar!

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