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ILNP Reminisce and Admire Me Nail Polish

ILNP Reminisce and Admire Me Nail Polish

I’m very excited because my ILNP nail polish order arrived. I purchased Reminisce and Admire Me in the latest pre-order. Reminisce is new, Admire Me is not. I also own Birefringence and Cyngus Loop. I’ve done a mani with Birefringence here. I did quick swatches of all four of my ILNP colors to show you.

ILNP Reminisce, Admire Me, Birefringence, Cygnus Loop, Swatches

From top to bottom: Reminisce, Admire Me, Birefringence, Cygnus Loop

ILNP Reminisce, Admire Me, Birefringence, Cygnus Loop, Swatches

L to R – Reminisce, Admire Me, Birefringence, Cygnus Loop

$10.00 (holographic
$12.50 (ultrachrome)


Reminisce (Ultrachrome) Reminisce shifts from hues of stunning greens to refreshingly cool blues (you may even catch subtle hints of gold occasionally) depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under.
Admire Me (holographic) is an insanely cute teal polish loaded with holographic and sparkly goodness
Birefringence (Ultrachrome) shifts through an array of incredible blues, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, and even subtle greens!
Cygnus Loop (Ultrachrome) will shuffle through a bright purple, to orange, to yellow, and even a little bit of green.

I’m very happy that I picked up ILNP Reminisce and Admire Me! They’re beautiful!

Have you tried ILNP?  What are your favorite polishes by the brand?

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    • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com Clever Girl Reviews

      I really like the finish and pigmentation on these, I’m just rubbish at mani-pedi!

    • http://www.ghostplops.tumblr.com/ Ghostplops

      Never heard of the brand, I took a peek at some of their polishes and I dig the look of the ‘Kings & Queens’, ‘My Little Glacier’ and the ‘Strawberry Crème’ creme polish looks sooooo wonderful, I might go for it, I have a nice mint one from Forever21 similar to it (it’s called cotton candy something, I guess it’s more a baby blue) and I love it, they both remind me of candy, but I’ve always had a weird aversion to spending a lot on polishes 10 dollars seems like so much for them, for instance that Forever21 one was like 2.80 and the quality is pretty great, though I guess the quality of a 10 dollar polish would be off the charts :p

    • marciaf

      I love this brand. It’s one of my very favorites. I have both Cygnus Loop and Birefringence. My only complaint about ILNP is that they add new formulas of current polishes and I get jealous that I don’t have them all.