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Teal Thursday Cirque Cerillos

Cirque Cerillos Mani

Happy Teal Thursday! For this Teal Thursday I’m bringing you Cirque Cerillos, topped with Girly Bits #Blingernails. Girly Bits #Blingernails was a gloss48 exclusive nail polish. Cerillos is from the new Cirque Heritage collection.

Cirque Cerillos topped with Girly Bits #Blingernails by @phyrra

Here’s a close up of #Blingernails on top of Cerillos. #Blingernails is made up of gold glitter, iridescent gold glitter and gorgeous stars. Cerillos is a vivid holographic turquoise polish.

Cirque Cerillos topped with Girly Bits #Blingernails by @phyrra

I really like this combo, but to be honest, I enjoy seeing #Blingernails on top of any color.

What’s your favorite teal beauty product lately? Is it an eyeshadow or a nail polish?

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    • Chia-Yi Liu

      love it!