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bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

Today I’ve got the new bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum foundation to share with you. I was sent shade #6 Bare Satin, which is a cool toned shade from the Medium shade range. It’s too dark for me, but I’m going to show you what it looks like and how to use Face Atelier Pro Foundation in Zero Minus to make it a better match. This is not a review as I have had this foundation for just under 24 hours; this is an introduction to the product.

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About bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation
Created with exceptional purity in mind, this ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin while delivering a noticeably brighter, more youthful appearance. Made with the bare minimum ingredients and formulated without water, oil, silicone, parabens or fragrance. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

  • Multi-purpose – serum and foundation in one
  • Cruelty free
  • Paraben free
  • Oil free
  • Silicone free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Titanium Dioxide 11%: Sunscreen.
  • Vitamin C: This skin-brightening superpower is known to fade existing dark spots and discolorations for more even-toned skin.
  • SPF 20

bareMinerals Recommends

  • For dry skin, apply the appropriate moisturizer to ensure your skin is nice and hydrated.
  • For oily skin, make sure you have cleansed and hydrated your skin appropriately.
  • Start with a few drops at the center of your face and work your way towards the outside.

About the Clinicals / Claims
95% of women experienced a measurable improvement in the appearance of dark spots.(Based on an independent 8-week U.S. clinical study)

$29 for 1 fl. oz. of foundation
$28 for the bareskin perfecting brush

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Coconut Alkanes, Silica, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Lecithin, Glycerin, Maltodextrin, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Jojoba Esters, Propylene Carbonate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Soil Minerals/Syringa Vulgaris (Lilac) Leaf Cell Culture Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol. May Contain (+/-): Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide.

Sephora, Ulta, bareMinerals, QVC

Shade Range
20 shades are available. bareMinerals claims 100% match guaranteed.

Light Shades

  • 1 Bare Porcelain (c)
  • 2 Bare Shell (c)
  • 3Bare Linen (n)
  • 4 Bare Ivory (w)
  • 5 Bare Cream (w)

Medium Shades

  • 6 Bare Satin (c)
  • 7 Bare Natural (n)
  • 8 Bare Beige (n to w)
  • 9 Bare Nude (w)
  • 10 Bare Buff (w)


  • 11 Bare Latte (c)
  • 12 Bare Sand (n)
  • 13 Bare Tan (n to w)
  • 14 Bare Carmel (w)
  • 15 Bare Honey (w)

Dark / Deep

  • 16 Bare Almond (n)
  • 17 Bare Maple (w)
  • 18 Bare Walnut (w)
  • 19 Bare Espresso (n)
  • 20 Bare Mocha (w)

c = cool, w = warm, n = neutral

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in Bare Satin 6

bareMinerals Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush

bareMinerals Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush

bareMinerals Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush

bareMinerals Bareskin Perfecting Face Brush

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in Bare Satin 6

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in Bare Satin 6

This product is supposed to be ideal for sensitive skin because it is fragrance free, silicone free, paraben free, oil free, etc. It’s supposed to give you a no makeup look and feel. bareMinerals recommends this for all skin types.

bareMinerals Bare Satin mixed with Face Atelier Zero Minus

bareMinerals Bare Satin mixed with Face Atelier Zero Minus, blended all the way down my neck, photo untouched

Since I’ve only had this foundation about 24 hours, it’s the wrong shade for me, and I had to mix more than 50% of it with Face Atelier Zero Minus to get a shade match closer to my own skintone (but it’s still a bit dark as you can tell at my hairline), I can’t really speak to how well it lives up to its claims. I can say with the amount of product that I applied I feel like nearly all the imperfections in my skin are gone. I have a rosacea flare up on my chin right now and it’s barely discernible in the picture.

What do you think of the new bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation? Do you love the idea of a serum and foundation in one?

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    • http://www.geniabeme.com/ Eugenia

      This looks REALLY good on you!! Very smooth! They sent you the color I would have probably got, lol, but I’m glad you found a way to work for you!

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        You can try it next time you come over :)

    • marciaf

      I’m interested in trying this out. I wonder if Sephora has it in yet. Is the brush any different on the top than other brushes?

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        Yes, the brush had a dip in the top. You can see it better in my video.

        • marciaf

          Loved the video. What shade do you think you’d be in this foundation? I was at Sephora today and they don’t have it yet and I didn’t remember there was a BE store in the mall.

          • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

            I’m guessing that I’d be Porcelain, though it may still be too dark.

            • marciaf

              Hopefully either Ulta or Sephora will get it in. I think that brush looks fun but I know I don’t need it.

    • Norah Salazar

      Not a Bare Minerals fan, to be honest. BM never agreed on my skin. When I do serum, I’d prefer it to be just the skincare and not together with makeup because the whole point of a serum is to let the skin soak the hydration on its own (in my own experience/ preference).
      I like that you were able to get it to match amazingly well using FA! It was a nice combo.

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        good point!

    • http://www.cosmeticsaficionado.com/ Cosmetics Aficionado

      I really want to try this, and it is not a bad price either.

    • Kelly R

      I think I need to try this one.

    • erikatheicyone

      I could have sworn when I read the ingredients list for this foundation a while back it contained a chemical sunscreen. Now it doesn’t. Did they change the formula? Or am I out of my frakking mind? LOL If it is chemical sunscreen free, I may just have to jump on it.

    • http://www.beautybymissl.com/ beautybymissl

      I like that it has so many shades to choose from. Definitely something I would love to try.

    • Aleya Bamdad

      Even though you had to mix it it’s great that it still looks natural and isn’t too thick.

    • http://www.slashedbeauty.com/ Miranda Mendoza

      The brush looks really nice and dense. Your face looks flawless!

    • http://www.mynewestaddiction.com/ Laura

      i seriously, seriously want this

    • Cosmetic Sanctuary

      This sounds amazing!

    • http://www.honeygirlsworld.com/ Honeygirlk

      That brush looks really nice ;) I don’t use foundation but this seems like something I could try.

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        You have beautiful skin though! I only wear foundation to hide my rosacea and imperfections.

    • http://www.stephanielouiseatb.blogspot.com Stephanie Louise Telford

      My pale skin was SO sad watching your video this morning :( Wishing it came in lighter tones so I could try it 100% without mixing.

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        It comes in lighter tones, they just didn’t send me one closer to my coloring.

    • http://www.blushingnoir.com/ Brooke @ Blushing Noir

      I loveeee the looks of that brush!

    • http://beautylitfromwithin.blogspot.com Nidia Doherty

      I was looking at maybe buying this today! Good timing. Not sure how good it would be with my oily skin, though – I’m reading mixed reviews on that.

    • cindyprimebeauty

      Just got this in the mail today–too dark for me too.

    • http://www.manifestdestany.com/ Destany

      Hmm sounds interesting…. but it looks too dark for me too.

    • http://truecolorjoy.com truecolorjoy

      i’m eager to try this! who doesn’t love a multi-tasking product in the summer. i loved my it cosmetics cc cream this winter but i was hoping to discover something lighter for the summer.

    • Justina

      This looks fantastic on you!

    • http://theplasticdiaries.com Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries

      It seems like an interesting product

    • http://www.painted-ladies.com/ Sheila Arkee

      The coverage looks incredible on you.

    • kSquaredGlamour

      this looks amazing I really need to try some of their products. I haven’t since high school.

    • Anastasia

      I just received an email yesterday about these new foundations, and I was very curious to try them. Thanks for the review, I’ll be checking them out for sure!

    • http://www.everydaybeautyblog.com/ EBBlogAshley

      I am tempted to try these out. I’ve read some pretty bad things about them though. It would be interesting to see how this holds up minus the Face Atelier product. I look forward to your review Phyrra.

    • http://www.citizensofbeauty.com/ Citizens of Beauty

      Looks so good on your skin!

    • Peaches & Pearls

      I just got this as well! I am literally the lightest shad that they have (haha). But I love it! I am not sure if I buy the marketing of calling it a serum/foundation. However, I have fallen for the product itself. I used it the other day while traveling and I touched up with a power once (but I also like a lighter coverage).

    • http://girlbehindglasses.wordpress.com/ Nikki P.

      Yay, it’s silicone free!

    • myCosmeticBag

      mineral makeup doesn’t seem to agree with my skin for some reason, so i’ve stayed away from this brand.

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        My skin used to be combo / oily, so powders and minerals were great. Now that it’s more normal to dry because of my rosacea meds, I can’t really do most powders. I have to stick to liquids.

    • keris

      2 b.s shades for black women. How rude…not that I’m surprised though. *side eye*

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        I’m actually curious as to how well the darker shades work.