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KBShimmer Early Summer Collection

KBShimmer Early Summer collection review and swatches

Today I’m excited to show you the KBShimmer Early Summer Collection, which will launch on May 23, 2014. These new colors from KBShimmer feature their signature smooth formula.

$7.50 cremes
$8.75 holos, textured

KBShimmer is cruelty free.

The Creams

KBShimmer Summer Cremes
KBShimmer Right As Reign, Low and Be Bold, Let's Not Coral Swatches

Right As Reign
A deep indigo purple polish. 2-3 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
I see this as more of an indigo blue with purple undertones. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it with glitter on top.

Low and Be Bold
A bright near ultramarine blue polish. 2-3 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
I love this! The moment I saw it I put it on my toes. It’s so bright and beautiful.

Let’s Not Coral
A pink leaning coral cream. 2 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
This cured my lemming for Zoya Wendy.  It’s a gorgeous coral.

The Textured Shades

KBShimmer Early Summer 2014 Textured Polishes

KBShimmer Partners in Lime, She Twerks Out, Too Pop to Handle

KBShimmer Partners in Lime

Partners In Lime
A textured polish with lime, aqua, and gold holographic glitters. 2 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
I love this! It screams summer. Golden lime with lime, aqua and gold glitters

KBShimmer She Twerks Out Mani Swatches

She Twerks Out
A bold aqua polish, featuring teal, lime, and violet holographic glitters. 2 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
Hello Mermaid! This is a beautiful aqua polish. The glitters in it are pretty.

KBShimmer Too Pop to Handle

Too Pop To Handle
A purple toned fuchsia color, with violet, magenta and aqua holographic glitters. 2 Coats Recommended
My thoughts
This is my favorite of the 3 textures. To me it’s a magenta purple shade. The glitters in it are stunning. I want this color on my bedroom walls!

The Holos

KBShimmer Holo Nail Polish

KBShimmer Summer Holos

KBShimmer Run It's the Coppers


KBShimmer Run It's the Coppers

Run! It’s the Coppers
A metallic copper linear holographic polish. 3 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
Holy wow, this color glows when you put on a top coat! I used 2 coats here.

KBShimmer Goldie Rocks Swatch

Goldie Rocks
A shimmery gold holographic polish. 3 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
This is a beautiful gold holo. Shown with 2 coats.

KBShimmer Stark Raven Mad Swatch

Stark Raven Mad
A deep charcoal linear holographic polish. 2 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
Stunning black holo! I love this! It’s gorgeous on my toes.

KBShimmer PT Young Thing Swatch

PT Young Thing
A platinum silver linear holographic polish. 2 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
This is a strong silver holo, very eye catching.

KBShimmer In Bare Form swatch

In Bare Form
A near nude holographic polish. 3 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
I love this one! I will be using it as a base for a leopard print mani.

KBShimmer Big Tan on Campus swatch

Big Tan On Campus
A light tan-ish brown holographic polish. 3 Coats Recommended
My Thoughts
The holo is strong in this one, too! If you like brown you’ll love this.

KBShimmer Starks Raven Mad

I can’t get over how gorgeous Stark Raven Mad is.

KBShimmer Early Summer collection review and swatches

The cremes are very easy to apply. They’re super smooth and gorgeous.  Low and Be Bold really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated.

I must now profess my undying love for the textured polishes. They are so gorgeous! I haven’t even tried them with a top coat because I can’t stop staring at them without it. I do usually see them chip on me within 48 hours, but I am incredibly hard on my nails.

The holos are beautiful, each and every one. They sort of remind me of the UD Naked palette. I love that there’s a silver, gold, copper (try this one, so gorgeous!), nude and of course black.

My favorites from the collection (it’s hard to narrow it down) are Low and Be Bold, Too Pop to Handle, She Twerks Out, Partners in Lime, Run! It’s the Coppers!, Stark Raven Mad, and In Bare Form.

What are your favorites from the KBShimmer Early Summer Collection? Let me know!

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      OBSESSED with the shades. Gorgeous colors. Never heard of the brand, but wow those shades and glitters look amazing.

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      I really need all of these! The holos are stunning!

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      What awesome holos! But the cremes and sparkles are pretty too.

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      Run! It’s the Coppers! is such a fun name! Love the color!

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      I like Right as Reign! Such a deep gorgeous color :)

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      Dang, these are stunning. I don’t wear textures but I’d love to wear all the rest! I swore no more blacks but the shimmer is soooo pretty.

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      I want every single holo shade in the collection… like EVERY SINGLE ONE

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