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NARS Summer 2014 Review

NARS Summer 2014 Review Swatches

Today I wanted to show you some pieces from the NARS Summer 2014 collection. This summer, NARS also reformulated all of their lipglosses, so I have a few of those shades to show you too. I purchased Wonder (the orange) from Nordstrom.

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NARS Summer 2014 Review Swatches

NARS Tropical Princess Eyeshadow Duo

Tropical Princess

Tropical Princess – $35
neon lemon lime and icy lavender

NARS Tropical Princess Swatches Review

The eyeshadows have great color payoff. This is swatched on bare skin. The icy lavender is like a white with a light lavender purple tint. The neon lemon lime is a pretty light chartreuse.

I don’t really feel like this duo can stand on its own. You need to throw in other colors to work with it. I would recommend trying Dogon II (charcoal black) or Mekong (deep velvety brown) with the chartreuse on the lid and highlight at the inner corner and under the brow with the iced lavender. (You can see Dogon II and Mekong in the NARSissist palette).

All of the NARS glosses are $26.

NARS Priscilla Swatch Review

Shocking pink

Wearing Priscilla

Wearing Priscilla

Priscilla is a new shade from NARS. It’s a beautiful hot pink. It needs a lipliner as it can bleed a bit. I adore this color.

NARS Wonder Swatch Review

Sheer mandarin orange with pink and gold shimmer

Wonder is another new shade. This is a pretty, bright orange. It’s semi-sheer, so you can wear it as it is for a pop of color, or layer it on top of a lip pencil. I love the delicate shimmer in it.

NARS Turkish Delight Swatch Review

Turkish Delight
pink sherbet

Turkish Delight is an older NARS lipgloss shade that has been reformulated for Summer 2014. It’s the same color as strawberry milk.

NARS Dolce Vita Swatches Review

Dolce Vita
sheer dusty rose

This is sort of a mauvey rose shade. It’s not a flattering shade on me, but I know it’s one of those colors that looks good on a wide variety of skintones. It’s not sheer to me at all; it’s very opaque.

NARS Hot Sand Illuminizer Swatches Review

Hot Sand Illuminator – $30
peach champagne

Wearing Hot Sand

Wearing Hot Sand. See the tutorial.

This is a stunning new highlighter from NARS. I absolutely love this peach champagne shade. It’s just beautiful. I always feel like NARS Illuminators are worth the price because they last forever. I’ve never finished one.

You can see more from the NARS Summer 2014 collection here.

For me, I really love Hot Sand Illuminator and Priscilla gloss. The eyeshadow duo is nice, too. To me, the new glosses feel like they’re more moisturizing than the original.

What pieces stood out to you from the NARS Summer 2014 collection? What do you think of the reformulated glosses?

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    • http://www.bethandbeauty.com/ Beth and Beauty

      I haven’t got to try to any of the summer collection yet! I want get the lip gloss in Turkish Delight!

    • Norah Salazar

      That illuminator looks gorgeous with your skin tone and really stands out. Now I want it!

    • http://loveforlacquer.com/ loveforlacquer

      I LOVE their new glosses! And that duo is to die for!

    • Justina

      Your makeup looks phenomenal here. Especially your illuminator and eyeshadow, wow!

    • http://www.cosmeticsaficionado.com/ Cosmetics Aficionado

      Loooove Dolce Vita!

    • Lorrin Massengill

      I love Priscilla and Hot Sand! I might have to indulge this time… haha

    • http://www.slashedbeauty.com/ Miranda Mendoza

      The eyeshadow looks right up your alley!

    • Jamie C.

      The eye shadow duo and the Priscilla lip gloss looks very beautiful and appropriate for summer.

    • http://makeupbykim-porter.com/blog Kim Porter

      That chartreuse shadow is gorgeous

    • http://www.makeuplifelove.com/ jamie @makeuplifelove

      Omg that hot sand illuminator is to die for. Love Turkish delight too. Gorgeous!!!

    • http://www.beautybymissl.com/ beautybymissl

      These lip glosses look great!

    • Aleya Bamdad

      I like the glosses but the shadows aren’t for me.

    • http://www.blushingnoir.com/ Brooke @ Blushing Noir

      that shadow duo is prettyyyyy

    • laura

      wow I would never be able to tell you were wearing Priscilla on that photo! its so sheer/pale there compared to the upper swatch!
      please swatch the other ones on your lips too when you get a chance! :)

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        I applied it very sheerly, plus it was a photo taken in my car with my cell phone.

        • laura

          it’s always good to be able to build the product up as desired :)

          • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

            I tend to want everything super pigmented, but even if it’s a pigmented gloss, if I want it sheered out, I’ll only apply a tiny bit and use my finger tip to sheer it, or I’ll mix with a clear gloss.

    • Emily Hudspeth

      I love the Nars Illuminator. So pretty!

    • http://www.mynewestaddiction.com/ Laura

      Hot Sand is totally up my alley!

    • http://www.blushfeatherslipstick.com Jane

      On my days them eyeshadows!! *grabby hands*

    • http://www.geniabeme.com/ Eugenia

      I want that Illuminator!!

    • http://www.honeygirlsworld.com/ Honeygirlk

      Oh my – that illuminator… love it!

    • Anastasia

      I love this highlighter! I have a ton of others, but the impulsive buyer in me is trying to convince me that I need it.

    • cindyprimebeauty

      The highlighter is gorge!

    • Leslie

      I’m not a lipgloss person, but Dolce Vita looks beautiful.

    • Kelly R

      These are gorgeous!

    • Cosmetic Sanctuary

      Loving that illuminator!

    • http://beautylitfromwithin.blogspot.com Nidia Doherty

      Dolce Vita is so pretty! I just want to raid your ‘didn’t work for me’ stash. lol!

    • http://theplasticdiaries.com Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries

      Tropical Princess does interest me but I don’t know if I would wear it

    • http://www.cosmetically-challenged.com Melody Robinson Wright

      These are very sheer. I think the only thing I would like would be the green in tropical princess.

    • myCosmeticBag

      that eyeshadow duo looks awesome!

    • Jamie C.

      Turkish Delight and Wonder Lip gloss happen to be my favorite in this whole collection.

    • BTBAshley

      Those glosses are calling to me. I SO hope these are on sale at TMS Chicago! I need to grab some of these goodies from NARS.

    • Angela Sherman

      I think I need to head to Sephora and pick up a refill of Turkish Delight. I forgot how gorgeous that color is!!

    • Betzy Carmona

      I seriously need to try something from this line

    • Rita Spratlen

      I love the items you talked about and the pictures made everything nice. I would love to try these products and will keep my eye out when shopping. Thanks for the great review.

    • http://www.painted-ladies.com/ Sheila Arkee


    • http://twitter.com/lover111193 teresa koedyker

      Would love to try the Illuminator.