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Rainbow Honey May Mystery Bag

Rainbow Honey May Mystery Bag

I’m excited because my Rainbow Honey May Mystery Bag arrived today. It’s the mini bag. I’m so glad I subscribed. May’s bag had the following:

  • Neon Blossom (flowers and glitter top coat) nail polish
  • Waves (turquoise green with glass flecks and gold) nail polish
  • Petit Four (pastel yellow with turquoise blue and pink)
  • Enter Lime! limeade lip balm
  • Summer Juice rollerball of perfume
  • Summer Juice shea butter soap
  • orange sticks and eyeshadow applictors

I’m most excited for Neon Blossom and Waves nail polish. I’m not crazy about Petit Four. I love how Enter Lime! smells and feels on my lips. I love how Summer Juice rollerball smells. I can’t wait to try the soap. Summer Juice smells citrusy and yummy.

With the exception of Petit Four, I like everything in my mystery bag. It’s totally worth the $10 price tag (I think it was like $12.95 with shipping).

You can get your own Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag here. The mini (like mine) is $10 and the full size is $25.

What do you think of the Rainbow Honey May Mini Mystery bag?

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    • http://truecolorjoy.com truecolorjoy

      petite four does seem very eastery. too bad it didn’t come last month :P

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        Yeah you’re right, it would fit for Easter

    • http://www.thepaintedrogue.wordpress.com Syirael

      Wow, this looks like such an awesome little collection of stuff! I love those polishes, including Petit Four, partly because I am hungry right now, and partly because I have a THING for milky/glitter polishes…. :-D

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        Petit Fours are tasty :)

    • Allison Ashley

      This does seem like a great little package! Thanks for sharing!

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        You’re welcome!

    • Desiree Hollis

      I usually hate mystery bags but it seems like you got a great little selection of items. I think I’ll sign up for one for myself. :)