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Valspar New Black Paint

Valspar New Black Paint

So I’ve hated the wood trim on the mirror wall in my living room since we bought the house. My living room is really narrow, mirror on one side (the side with the tv) and sliding glass door opposite of it. On the right side is the door to my master bedroom and the left is open to the kitchen, dining room and breakfast nook. My MIL and I purchased Valspar New Black paint to update the wood and make it feel more modern.

Valspar New Black Paint

You can see the doorway to the hall. My office, Dave’s bedroom and bathroom are back there.

Valspar New Black Paint

Before we could paint, we had to tape off the wood. We also applied a coat of Kilz primer so that the black would have a good base. Yes, dog toys are all over the place in my house. With three dogs, they have a lot of toys.

Valspar New Black Paint

We did two coats of Valspar paint in New Black. Phaedra approves. Once it dried, we took a knife to cut the edge where the paint and tape met, then pulled off the tape.

Valspar New Black Paint

We taped one morning, applied Kilz the next morning and then  painted 2 coats of paint the following morning. It took us less than 8 hours total (probably less than 6, I should have timed). Taping everything off took the longest amount of time.

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I was impressed by the fact that the Valspar paint had virtually no ‘paint’ smell to me. There was very little, if any, discernible smell.

This was the first of my paint projects with Valspar. I’ll be painting the wall on the right side of my living room with Valspar Rushing Stream soon, so I’ll share that with you too. I’m planning on painting my master bedroom Valspar Pantone Dewberry, my master bathroom Valspar Pantone Peacock, and I’m not sure about my office. I think I want my office to be bright fuchsia or magenta pink but I haven’t found the right paint color yet.

You can check out Valspar’s Color Selector if you want to see the color options they have available.

Do you have color on your walls? Or do you have a crisp white?


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    • Jens Ken Lundstrom

      Great work!nice result!
      thank you for sharing.
      Have a fab weekend!

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        You too!

    • http://cinseven13.blogspot.com/ cinseven13

      Love it! I was wondering if you were gonna paint the mirror, and I love that you did! I can’t wait to see the room once it’s finished.

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        I think it really modernizes the mirrored wall, which really looks so dated. The reason that wall is mirrored is because the living room is so narrow, so it helps give the illusion that it’s bigger. I really love the black trim.

    • http://thenotice.net Rae // theNotice

      Looks great, lovely! And I’ll have to see if we get this paint in Canada — one of the main reasons I haven’t redone my blogging room is the “paint smell” that usually lingers for weeks after a redo. x