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What’s the most underrated product in your beauty arsenal?

9 Ways to Use Cotton Swabs

Question of the Week: What’s the most underrated product in your beauty arsenal?
Answer: Probably cotton swabs! I use them in so many different ways!

  • with makeup remover to clean up under my eyes
  • to remove mascara if I have some left after using a cotton round
  • I use them for swatching beauty products
  • to clean up around your nails after you do them.
  • to blend an eyeshadow in a pinch
  • to smudge eyeliner
  • to apply lip products that are in pots if you don’t have a lip brush. to spot remove liquid eyeliner and then reapply
  • to spot remove and then reapply eyeshadow
  • If you get mascara on your eyes, let it dry completely, then use a cotton swab to gently remove the mascara.

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How do you use cotton swabs? And make sure you share your most underrated product in your beauty arsenal!

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    • Kadie Lee

      The mascara -in- the eyes one. MAN, the struggle. As if I wasn’t nearly blind already, I have to get a glob of black pigment and chemicals on the surface of my actual eyeball. Thank goodness that this doesn’t only happen to me lol

      • http://www.phyrra.net/ Phyrra

        ack yeah that sucks! I wear contacts and i hate when my mascara or eyeliner comes off on my contacts and clouds them

        • Kadie Lee


    • http://overallbeauty.com/ Kim Snyder

      I would have to agree. I use the ones with the pointy ends because its easier to clean up under your eyes, around your cuticles I have even used them to clean up applied eye liner so it looks straight. They cost a bit more but boy are they the best!

    • http://pinterest.com/ryou0013/ Ryou

      My eyes have gotten extremely sensitive and watery, so my answer would either be eyedrops or very soft (but strong) tissue. I poke myself in the eye way too often with cotton swabs, lol.