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Blo Body Blow Dry Bar Tampa

Saturday I went to Blo Body Blow Dry Bar Tampa. I met up with Eugenia, Judi, and Anna from the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers group. We each received complimentary treatments. Judi

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Pravana Vivid Violet and Wild Orchid Hair

Last night I dyed my hair, which I haven’t done in close to 12 weeks. Doing the Wild Orchid to Violet gradient was much easier this time around. I started

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Cocoa Pink Weekend Sale

Cocoa Pink is having a weekend sale! You can save 15%. I stocked up on a few products. I bought two of the 10 oz of Argan Therapy Creme in

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Saucebox Almond Look

I wanted to share my Saucebox Almond look with you. I used the Saucebox Etude palette to quickly put together this look. Yes I think I’ve finally nailed the most

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Summer Hair Care Tips

Today I wanted to share some Summer Hair Care Tips with you. This is what I’m doing with my hair this summer. No, I won’t be showing you how silly

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My Golden Weekend Look

I want to share my weekend look with you. This past weekend was the weekend after my birthday. 1 of my local friends and I share the same birthday and

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