Cyber Monday Sale

••• is having a Cyber Monday sale! Save 30% on November 29th with the code CYBER30 . By the way, I'm considered a beauty panelist at So if you decide to shop, I'd love to know what you pick up :)

New Evil Shades Blushes

Recently Evil Shades released several new blush shades. Andrea was sweet and sent me samples of all the new blush shades. I already have two blushes from the duochrome line, Ravishing & Gossamer.  Both are gorgeous. So I swatched the new blushes for you, in addition to the two that I have. Gossamer - Soft baby pink with blue shif[...]

Ravenclaw - Bronze & Blue

Since I was sick this weekend (and I'm still sick right now but starting to feel better), I didn't go to the theatre to see the latest Harry Potter movie. I thought it would be awful for me to go out and get everyone else sick. That and, uhm, I slept for 14 hours Saturday. But that's not the point! So, anyway, I put together a Ravenclaw house look, based on [...]

Hi-Fi Pre Black Friday Sale

Quoted from Twitter: How about this PRE-BlackFriday sale? :) 25% off ANY ORDER using coupon code GIVETHANKS25!!! I'm mainly doing this because I need to test out Etsy's new coupon code system! (Isn't it awesome that they finally have one?) Sale runs until midnight tonight!!! (I might extend it if I'm feeling generous, but NO guarantees!!!) *hugs* See m[...]

Shrinkle Special

Kelly from Whimsy Beading sent me a lovely surprise, the Shrinkle Special! This was completely unexpected and really sweet of her. Since I've been sick since Thursday, I don't think I ended up doing makeup on Friday and I know I didn't on Saturday. In fact, I slept 14 hours on Saturday. I did wake up in time to do a hair mask on my hair and loved it (r[...]

Holiday Gift Guide - Part 3 - Games

This is another installment in my Holiday Gift Guide. This one is for video games. 1. World of Warcraft Cataclysm - $39.99 Ray and I purchasesd the collector's edition of Cata and we purchased the regular version for Dave since he said he dind't particularly care for the extras. For your WoW addict, this is a necessity. This is for the pc or mac. 2. A[...]

5 Favorites - Skincare

I figured I'd list 5 favorite skincare products I'm using right now, since I haven't done this for a while. 1. mark For Goodness Face Antioxidant Skin Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 - $16 for 1.7 fl. oz. I've gone through at least 3 jars of this and I think I'm now working on my 4th. I love this moisturizer and it's what I use for daytime wear in between t[...]