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Futuristic Switch

fter playing around with my Fyrinnae last night with Lea, I saw Sleepy Hollow and knew immediately that I needed to try it out with Switch and Futuristic Glam Rock. Yum. You can see the violet iridescence of Vapour on the browbone in this photo. Read More »

Lumi Look

Today’s look was inspired by Ray & Dave. Ray’s birthstone is Emerald, and Dave’s birthstone is Sapphire. So I decided to do a blue-green look. For a fun highlight, I used Pixie Epoxy with Absinthe on the lid. Read More »

Frolicsome Friday!

Today is my 2 year blog anniversary! Today is also my husband Ray’s birthday! So Happy Birthday to both! Today is the perfect day to frolic and party :> This morning, I got up and took Phaedra to the vet. It was time for her DOCP shot. She weighed in at 43.5 lbs, so she’s healthy, hasn’t gone into crisis, ... Read More »

A Brilliant Brunette Inspired Blue Look

This look today was inspired by Jacqueline of A Brilliant Brunette. Once I saw this look I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I had to try my own version. It’s inspired by, not exactly alike, but I think it’s good I wanted to wear my Azalea Blue, but I couldn’t find it, so grabbed Show Orchid. Later ... Read More »

Morgana’s Stonekeep

Stonekeep is really a gorgeous olive. I always forget that I love olive shades with my eyes, but they’re really gorgeous yellow-greens. Lapis Lazuli is really lovely, too. Shade Descriptions:Lapis Lazuli – Vivid, slightly metallic blue with flecks of gold. Stonekeep – Metallic olive with a golden sheen. Sparks of gold and copper catch the light beautifully. Beowulf – Deep, ... Read More »

Colorful Pink & Blue

Today I wanted to wear Glamour Doll Eyes Phyrra, but I couldn’t make up my mind what to wear it with. I couldn’t figure out what to do in the crease, so I layered a few colors. I really ended up liking how Afterparty looked, especially after I added a bit of Glam Girl to the lower crease area. Shade ... Read More »

Tiffany’s Ruffles

I’ve been playing around with another way to use Zinnia, and I came up with this look today. Shade Descriptions:Zinnia – vibrant but soft coral peach turns into a blend of  pinkish coral with a dominant violet iridescence. Return to Tiffany’s – gorgeous aqua sheen with diamond luster  and bright teal sparkles. Morphing Moon – Smooth and faceted teal with ... Read More »

Blue Sugar

So I had a failed attempt at makeup this morning. I took it off and did a 2nd attempt, but then had to rush the blending so that I wasn’t late to work. Here’s my failed attempt: Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Midori and Afterparty Eyes – Failed Attempt:TFSISugarpill Buttercupcake – lidSugarpill Afterparty – creaseSugarpill Midori – lower lash line Eyes:UDPP EdenSugarpill Afterparty ... Read More »