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Friday’s After Party

Friday’s look featured Fyrinnae & Sugarpill. I really loved how the look turned out and all the different colors I used. I just adore Switch! The aqua reflect in Switch,

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Killer at Crystal Lake

This morning I tried out some of the Killer Cosmetics colors that I swatched the other day. I really feel like Crystal Lake is the winner of the bunch. It’s

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Javan Cabaret

Today I got to wear Catrina Cabaret. This is an awesome dark blue/teal color with a violet-pink reflect (at least the way I see it). It worked really well with

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Mitzi’s Sea Foam

For today’s look I used two new – to me – companies, The Starshine Company and My Pretty Zombie. I’ll be swatching and reviewing them soon.

Sugarpill Zap Bonus

I keep meaning to play around with Zingy & Atlantic Blue with Sugarpill‘s After Party. I forgot Atlantic Blue for this look, but I used Poison Plum to create my

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Smurf Magic

As a kid, I remember watching the Smurfs. I also remember my friends who couldn’t watch the Smurfs because the show had magic in it, and their parents felt like

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Gunmetal Sky

I wanted to do a look where I went from darkest at the lash line to the lightest on my brows, so this is what I came up with. By

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