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Chastity Marks – Vampire Look

I did a look for Aromaleigh’s Weekly Makeup Challenge, though this could be a Halloween Look or a Costume look. The challenge was to do a comic book character and I chose a Chaos Comic character, Chastity the Vampire. If you’ve never seen Chastity before, here’s what she looks like. I used to read a ton of comics and Chastity ... Read More »

Morgana Halloween Treats – Potion & Bewitches

I’m completely in love with the color BeWitches! It’s so amazing on. It’s so multi-faceted and it’s not overly sparkly, but the color change is just gorgeous. And of course, I love Ice Queen with it. BeWitches is from Morgana’s Halloween Treats collection. Eyes:Too Faced Shadow InsuranceFyrinnae Pixie Epoxy – on lid and creaseMorgana BeWitches – on lidMorgana Potion – ... Read More »

Meow Coppery Blending Tutorial

I wanted to do a nice coppery brown tutorial based off of this look and show off just how little you need to blend Meow’s Egyptian Treasures collection colors. I swear to you, the color Bast reminds me of the cat breed known as the Abyssinian. Shade Descriptions:Treasure – gilded molten gold with a slight olive undertoneBast – metallic plumwine ... Read More »

Meow Egyptian Look Tutorial

I did this Egyptian look with Meow’s Egyptian Treasures collection because I thought it would be beautiful. It’s a great Egyptian look, especially if you’re wanting to do such a look for Halloween. Eyes:Aromaleigh Eye & Lip PrimerMeow Miw – inner 2/3 lid, inner corners of eyeMeow Royal – outer 1/4 lid, outer vee, extended out, wetlined along lower lash ... Read More »

Aromaleigh Vigil of Change

Today I wanted to wear Ephemeral Violet and Vigil of Change. I also decided to give Thalia’s Return a chance. While I dislike how Thalia’s Return looks on me, I love how Vigil of Change and Ephemeral Violet look, as well as Earthly Delights. Eyes:TFSIAromaleigh Earthly Delights – inner corners of eye blended outAromaleigh Ephemeral Violet – middle lidAromaleigh Vigil ... Read More »

Meow Egyptian Treasures Nile & Anubis Video

I did a video on how I did my Nile look from Meow’s Egyptian collection. I used a different primer than I normally do, to make it have a lighter and hopefully more sophistocated look. By the way, Meow’s Lost Rainforest collection retires tomorrow. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you need to go out and get Chameleon! It’s ... Read More »

Meow Heiroglyph & Obelisk

This was really a very simple to apply makeup look, yet I think it looks great. I just put Heiroglyph on the lid, whisked Obelisk in the crease, and a touch of Chameleon on the browbone and I was done Shade Descriptions:Heiroglyph – metallic chartreuse with verdigris overtones and metalllic gold undertonesObelisk – metallic sage with taupe undertones and subtle ... Read More »

Meow Egyptian Treasures

This look turned out so well it stunned me! Treasure is gorgeous! It’s described as molten gold, and it certainly is! Jackal turned out to be really pretty and it coordinates so well with Bast. Of all of the Egyptian blushes, Isis is my favorite. I highly recommend picking up a full size of Chameleon before the Lost Rainforest Collection ... Read More »