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Rapunzel’s Skulls

I wasn’t up for doing a full face look today. I look like hell and have low energy, but I couldn’t resist putting together a cute look for you. This

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Pretty Greens

I wanted to wear greens today and I made Sweet & Punchy the central green color. I’m soo tired. Had a very long day.

Gunmetal Sky

I wanted to do a look where I went from darkest at the lash line to the lightest on my brows, so this is what I came up with. By

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Zingy Hollow

I wanted to wear Zingy today. I knew exactly what I wanted to pair it with, Sleepy Hollow. I probably should have used Pixie Epoxy to make it more vibrant,

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Cerulean Switch

I wanted to give OCC’s Nori a spin today. I grabbed Switch because I knew that with Switch, no matter what, I’d end up with a pretty look. I ended

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Complementary Colors: Red Violet & Yellow Green

I wanted to try a complementary colors look today with Red Violet and Yellow Green. So I used Princess of Darkness for the Red Violet base, but realized I needed

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Glitter Bunni

I’ve had a sample of Snow Bunny for forever, and I have no idea why I never wore it. It’s gorgeous! I love the blue-violet highlight! Mindy inspired me to

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