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Love Zelda and Link?

Someone very awesome hacked the Legend of Zelda game (one of my favorite classic Nintendo games) to allow you to play as Princess Zelda and rescue Link. So cool! So

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Tera – Open Beta

This weekend I had the opportunity to play in the Tera MMO Open Beta. I’ve been playing SWTOR very casually, like, once or twice a month, so when one of

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Why Bioware Enforces They Deserve My Money (Again)

As you probably remember, I applauded BioWare for making Dragon Age 2 enjoyable by gay, bisexual or straight gamers. I also cheered them on for allowing same-sex romances in addition

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The NPC Romance Project

Like romance in your video games? I know you’ve heard me discuss romance in BioWare games (Why BioWare Enforces They Deserve My Money and BioWare Stands Tall), so please take

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Guest Post: Portal 2 Review

Today’s Guest Post is by my dear friend Ana of Lipsticks & Lightsabers. [Her blog is still on hiatus, but it will be back eventually!] **Also, please do not post

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Why Bioware Enforces They Deserve My Money

I don’t write often enough about games on my blog. However, I wanted to share something cool about a game company, Bioware. Recently they released a game called Dragon Age

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A Few of My Favorite Games

I wanted to tell you all about some of my favorite games for console systems, as well as MMOs. Monster Rancher My first favorite games series is Monster Rancher, which

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