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Glamour Doll Eyes Super Collection

Glamour Doll Eyes (affiliate link) just released a collection inspired by Super Heroes called Super Shadows!

Illuminate – Glamour Doll Eyes

Today’s Illuminate is about Glamour Doll Eyes (affiliate link). Vee makes eye shadows and glosses, which are all pretty. I’ve watched this company grow and Vee’s blending skills improve and

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Wintery Blue look with Glamour Doll Eyes

I put together this look in a different way than I normally do my looks. I applied eye shadow primer as normal. However, I next applied Glamour Doll Eyes Chicago

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Glamour Doll Eyes Big City Colors – Swatches & Review

I just received eye shadows from the newest collection from Glamour Doll Eyes (affiliate link) collection, Big City Colors. The colors sent to me were Chicago, Denver, New York and

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Clarissa the Teenage Witch

I used some eye shadows from Face Candy Couture and Glamour Doll Eyes for my fun look today. I did sort of egyptian influenced liner and I like the results.

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80s Child Collection from GDE!

Glamour Doll Eyes (Affiliate Link) has released their 80s Child Collection. As a child of the 80s-90s, nostalgia hit me hard when I saw this collection and read through all

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Glamour Doll Eyes 25% Off Sale!

Glamour Doll Eyes (my affiliate link) is having a sale! They’re getting rid of their old labels and replacing them with new ones, so the shadows are 25% off! Use

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