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Phyrra Answers Questions for the Beauty Spotlight Team

The Beauty Spotlight Team wanted to do a little Q&A with its newest member, me! So here are the questions that they asked. 1. When you shop for makeup, skincare

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An Interview with James Vincent about Ardency Inn

While I was at the Makeup Show Orlando I had the privilege of interviewing the amazing James Vincent about Ardency Inn. Ardency Inn is a new makeup brand that sprang

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Interview with Makeup Artist Safia Michelle of Lipstick Mixtapes

Today I’ve got an interview for you with my lovely friend Safia Michelle. She’s a talented makeup artist that’s worked all around the USA on different campaigns and she’s also

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An Interview with James Vincent

Before my wonderful evening with James Vincent, Orlando Santiago and the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida, I was given the opportunity to interview James.

An Interview with Jerrod Blandino

Happy Friday everyone! Today I’ve got a much anticipated interview with Jerrod Blandino from Too Faced. As you know, I won the August 2012 Too Faced Beauty Blogger of the

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An Interview with Amy Braden from Tru Fragrance

Today I have an interview for you with Amy Braden from the company Tru Fragrance!

Independent Spotlight – An Interview with Maria of Cult Nails

My newest Independent Spotlight is with the lovely Maria of Cult Nails. I just got to see Maria again this past weekend at the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meetup in

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