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April Beauty Blogs Backstage with RetroUrbanRainbow

For April’s Beauty Blogs Backstage I’ve been paired up with the vivacious Rachael of RetroUrbanRainbow. You can read her interview with me here! 1. How did you come up with

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Independent Spotlight – Venomous Cosmetics

This month’s Independent Spotlight is with the vivacious Tracy of Venomous Cosmetics. Be warned, there are pictures of spiders behind the cut! How long have you loved makeup? Ever since

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Questions & Answers with the Hair Design Institute

You all had great questions for the Manhattan Beauty School, the Hair Design Institute. One of their instructors was very kind and took the time to answer all the questions

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An Interview with Kiss My Sass Cosmetics

I wanted to do an interview with Beth from the new Kiss My Sass Cosmetics (formerly Suds n’ Sass Cosmetics). I hope you all enjoy it! 1. What made you

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An Interview

Check out Emily’s interview with me over at her blog,¬†Sparkle & Shade.

Independent Spotlight – Shiro Cosmetics

Note – I no longer support Shiro Cosmetics. Not every product or every company is right for every person. You may not be bothered by the same things that bother

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An Interview with Wande from Wande’s World

For November’s Beauty Blogs Backstage, I was paired up with the vivacious Wande from Wande’s World. Here is my interview with her! You can check out her interview of me

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