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Urban Decay Electric Palette Dupes

I received many requests for Urban Decay Electric Palette Dupes. Some people wanted vegan alternatives, others wanted FDA approved shades, and finally some wanted Sugarpill equivalents. So I went through

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The Beginner’s Guide to PHAMExpo

This weekend is the first ever PHAMExpo! If you’re wondering what to do or who to see, never fear, I’ve got you covered! Here’s who I would see if I

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Glossybox USA September Review & Swatches

It’s time for another Glossybox USA. This time I’ve got the September box for you to check out.

Makeup Monday – Exotic Bird – Quetzalcoatl Bird

When looking for an Exotic Bird to be inspired by for Jacqueline’s Makeup Mondays, I ran across this quetzal bird on Pinterest. These birds are so cute and vibrant. They

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I just received my first ever GlossyBox. I received a notification that it would ship on April 30 and it arrived on May 3rd. I was excited to give this

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Jaded Green

Today was one of those days were I was failing at makeup. I had 3 failed attempts before I got this one out. I tried a look with Aromaleigh’s PrettyInPink

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