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How Long Do You Go Between Pedicures?

Question of the Week: Be honest: How long do you go between pedicures? Answer – 2 to 3 weeks. Basically whenever my polish chips or I’m ready for a new

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Complexion Perfection, Nail Art & More!

Question of the Week: Is there a makeup application technique that you’ve tried to master, but just can’t seem to conquer? Answer – My false lashes skills are weak. I

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Most Expensive and Inexpensive Beauty Products in Your Routine

Question of the Week: Name the most expensive and inexpensive products in your current daily makeup routine. Answer: Wow, this is a good question! Probably the most expensive is my

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Chocolate Bar, Final Cut and More! It’s the Lipstick League

Question of the Week: Do you color your hair? If so, do you do it yourself or do you get it professionally colored? If you do it yourself, what are

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Naturally Pretty, Whip Hand and More!

Question of the Week: What were some of your favorite blog posts that you wrote in 2013? Answer: Best Beauty Tips of 2013 Favorite Beauty Reviews of 2013 Best Makeup

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Best in Beauty, Wet n’ Wild Fergie & More

Question of the Week: What do you think is going to be the biggest beauty trend in 2014? EauMG – says goodbye to 2013 with her best (and worst) list

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