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NARS Damned Faerie Look

NARS Damned Faerie Look

I did this NARS Damned Faerie look recently and I really love how it turned out. I used NARS Damned on all but the center of my lips. For the center of my lips I used NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Yu. I find the effect stunning. I used one of my oldest and favorite MAC Pigments, Fairylite, which I ... Read More »

Wednesday’s Night Sugarpill

Wednesday’s Night Sugarpill

Happy 4th of July! Wednesday night last week I was craving color, so I did a fun look with Sugarpill and Inglot. I thought that 74 (raspberry) would be complimented nicely by Magentric. Magentric is such sparkly fun! I started out with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I put 74 on the lid and a little bit into the crease. I ... Read More »

Complementary Colors: Red Violet & Yellow Green

I wanted to try a complementary colors look today with Red Violet and Yellow Green. So I used Princess of Darkness for the Red Violet base, but realized I needed to add a bit of a sheen to it, so then I reached for Fishnet and finally Stars & Rockets. Read More »

Decora’s Magic

Today I wanted to do a look with Sugarpill Decora. I ended up grabbing a darker pinky-purple to put on the lid, and I think it turned out really cool. Read More »

Saturday Night Valentine Look

Ray and Dave and I went out to dinner for Valentine’s Day on Saturday night. We wanted a night where one of us didn’t have to cook, so this was good. This is the look I ended up wearing out that night. Shade Descriptions:Farseer – cheery aqua with a shimmer that varies between golden green and pinkDarling Misfit – deep ... Read More »

Signs of the Zodiac

 This look was inspired by a Rasputina song. I did my makeup rather quickly, since I had to rush out and get my bangs trimmed. The pictures don’t show my newly trimmed bangs. Shade Descriptions:Saint – Light lavender with pearl and crystal shimmerZodiac – Magenta pink pearlFantasy – Bright grape with magenta/blue shimmerStorm – Steel grey with lots of crystal ... Read More »

I Touch Roses – Siren Spell & Gudonya Vegan Stuff

So yesterday I received my order of samples from I Touch Roses.I neglected to mention the cute interior package design. Today, I tried out some of the colors. Shade Descriptions:Take Me – Magenta & AquaAlone – Hot magenta pink with magenta sparkle.Siren Spell – Sea green with magenta shimmer. Take Me is a lovely color and I don’t think I ... Read More »

Happy Friday!

I wanted to try a look with Pluot and Smurf today. This is a pretty simple look, but I think you will like it Shade Descriptions:Smurf – a super sparkly blue with fuschia/pink sparklesPluot – a matte violet with a blue undertoneFlesh – a soft matte tan/flesh color You can see where I blended the two bright colors together in ... Read More »