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Daring Aquavert FOTD

I recently received an order from Beautiful Girl Minerals. I mentioned when I placed my order that I’d seen them on Shades of U, and they sent me samples of the Eternal Beauty Kit (shades with names based off of the Twilight Series), which was very kind of them! Daring is gorgeous and very pigmented, so I am very happy ... Read More »

Underworld’s Moss FOTD

This is my last Shimmermoss look for a while. I played with all of my MAC Paint Pots for this one and I’m fairly happy with the results. Underworld is SUCH a chameleon color! It’s described as a purplish indigo, but it also has brown and burgundy and blue in it. Often on my skin, it will look brown with ... Read More »

Another Shimmermoss Look

We went out to Sushi Tsu for sushi tonight, which is located in New Tampa. It’s my absolute favorite sushi place in all of Tampa. The food is consistently good, and I’ve only had problems with the service once or twice, and always with large groups. I played with Shimmermoss again today. I like TF’s Chocolate Brown better than UD’s ... Read More »

Twice Baked with Shimmermoss

I played with Shimmermoss again today, but I don’t like this look as much as I liked yesterday’s. I think Underground looks better with this color. I felt like Twice Baked looked too… green maybe, for a brown, not a rich enough color. Bad girl was actually really nice lining my eyes, it might have looked better in the crease. ... Read More »

Shimmermoss Underground FOTD

I’m still sick with cold so I look and feel awful. Yesterday I stayed in my pjs all day. I’m taking dayquil, nyquil, etc decongestants and lots of orange juice and water. I feel awful. I tried to go to my friend’s Christmas brunch today. I showed up but felt so miserable that I left not too long after I ... Read More »

MAC Shimmermoss FOTD

I picked up Shimmermoss by MAC quite a while ago when I was questing for a good minty colored eye shadow, and I have to say, I really love the color. I almost tried it with a cranberry color, as the makeup artist had suggested I try it with a reddish brown, but Bette has stolen my heart, so once ... Read More »

Mint Julep FOTD

I played with more minty frosty goodness today. I peeked through my Aromaleigh eye shadows and realized I had samples of Julep and Sea Foam, so I went for those. Midnight Cowboy Rides again has very chunky glitter in it, but I really like that effect on my browbone because I blended it downwards towards the crease. I found this ... Read More »