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Makeup Wars – Favorite Fall Nail Colors

It’s time for another round of Makeup Wars. This time we’re showing off our Favorite Fall Nail Colors!

Peacock Inspired Mani

So I saw this lovely manicure and it inspired me to try a peacock inspired manicure, only I went more golden green than teal green.

Happy 4th of July

If you celebrate the 4th of July, have a happy and safe day. I did a little mani to celebrate. I was trying for fireworks.

Royal Princess

My manicure for the weekend was kind of simplistic after doing 2 different¬† but similar sets of skittles nails. I’m rather irked that I thought I took pictures of the

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Blue Ombre Mani

I decided to play around and make my own blue ombre mani. My right hand turned out better than my left hand, surprisingly (because I’m right handed), so I tried

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La Bella Vita with Dawn Catherine

At midnight this morning Kimberly (Libby’s Pink Vanity) and I were guests on Live La Bella Vita with Dawn Catherine on Toginet. You can get the podcast here (date 7th

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