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Orly Flash Glam FX Nail Polishes Swatches & Review

One of the coolest new lines that I got to see on Sunday was the Orly Flash Glam FX Nail polishes! These are meant for layering. Orly suggests black, but

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Cult Nails Blackout

Since Ray likes it when my nails are black, this weekend I painted my tips with Cult Nails Blackout. I added a top of Orly Prisma Gloss in Silver on

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Orly Mysterious Curse and Royal Velvet Comparison

I love colors with a blue iridescence. I purchased Orly Royal Velvet months ago. When I was at Sally’s this week, I saw Mysterious Curse, from the Dark Shadows collection,

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Blue for Autism Awareness Month

While I’ve been wearing my toes as blue for Autism Awareness month (Illamasqua Phallic with Cult Nails Hypnotize Me on top), I wanted to do a blue manicure for the

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Luxe Banana Mani

Hi again, Lynn here. Today I have a manicure that was inspired by a silly conversation I had with Phyrra the other day. It worked out well because there’s also

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Beauty Blog Advent Calendar – Flakies and Opalescents

Today’s beauty blog advent calendar features flakes and opalescents. From left to right I have Ozotic 507 (not a flakey, but a multi-chrome) – Orly Twilight – Orly Shining Star

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Some Fall & Halloween Nail Polishes

I wanted to show you all some polishes I picked up. Some are perfect for fall, others are great for Halloween, and still others are just fun!