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Recent Mails

I received some fun packages recently.

Karmic Kiss – Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial with the Gabrielle Faust collection by Overall Beauty. Most of the colors are matte, with the exception of Sanctified Snow.

Bonus Look – Aftermath

I saw a beautiful look from Nars Fashion Week over at Aileen’s blog, the Shades of U. It inspired me to play around with a similar look. Unfortunately the pictures

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The Aftermath of the Vampire’s Kiss

Today I did a look with the Gabrielle Faust Collection by Overall Beauty. You can see my swatches of the collection here. I think the look turned out very cool.

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Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty

I’m ecstatic to be able to show you a brand new collection from Overall Beauty, Gabrielle Faust by Overall Beauty. These are vegan mineral eye shadows. They’ve got no dyes

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Recent Mail

Recently I saw a BB Couture nail polish I had to have, Blue Bahama. It’s a blue shade with pink, blue and green shimmer. So I went over to Overall

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