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Peacock Inspired Mani

So I saw this lovely manicure and it inspired me to try a peacock inspired manicure, only I went more golden green than teal green.

Demure Peacock

I was inspired by this pin for today’s look. I wish I’d actually looked at it closer again before I started playing with colors, but this is what I came

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Nude Peacock

I decided to do another peacock look, but wanted to go for a different style than normal. I started out by applying my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Then with a

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Dark Peacock

Ray asked me to do a dark peacock look. How could I refuse? So this is what I came up with. I used a lot of Inglot.  

Faerie Peacock

Today I put together a beautiful reader request of Faerie Glamour & Bustle. It turned into a gorgeous peacock look. I’d probably do a few things different, but not much,

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Dark Fae Look

This look was a reader request, inspired by art from Jasmine Becket-Griffith. I really think this is pretty and I LOVE the outer circle, which reminds me of a peacock

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Another Peacock Eye Look

I had to try another peacock look today. This time I used a mix of colors from Fyrinnae, Aromaleigh and Glamour Doll Eyes. I’d love to hear how you think

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